Why were some American leaders opposed to the annexation of the Philippines quizlet?

Why did some people oppose annexation of Philippines? … It wanted to be free from a colonial power that had been oppressing it and there were many Americans who did not want to annex the Philippines for racial reasons.

Why were some American leaders opposed to the annexation of the Philippines?

The American Anti-Imperialist League took the position that denying Filipinos their sovereignty was a direct contradiction of democratic principles. Additionally, the American Anti-Imperialist League denounced the murder of Filipinos by American soldiers.

Who opposed the annexation of the Philippines?

Many anti-imperialists in the United States, such as Democratic presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan, opposed U.S. annexation of the Philippines, but in November 1900 Republican incumbent William McKinley was reelected, and the war continued.

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Why did anti-imperialists oppose the annexation of the Philippines quizlet?

was an organization established in the United States on June 15, 1898 to battle the American annexation of the Philippines The anti-imperialists opposed the expansion because they believed imperialism violated the idea of republicanism, especially the need for “consent of the governed.” They did not oppose expansion on …

Why should the United States not have annexed the Philippines?

The United States shouldn’t have annexed the Philippines because they did it mainly to demonstrate that it was a superior country, they didn’t have the right to judge whether or not the Philippines were capable of self-government and lastly it went against the image the country wanted to uphold as a just and civilized …

How did the annexation of the Philippines benefit the US?

The United States was able to use the Philippines as a coaling station for its warships, extending its military reach into the region. The United States took advantage of the many natural resources of the Philippines, namely rubber and nickel. Imperial bragging rights were also something the United States gained.

What are the effects of American colonization in the Philippines?

United States improved the economy and system of government, where the Filipinos had greater political participation and more economic gains. The American rule caused great marks of “colonial mentality” and the materialistic and individualistic ways among many Filipinos.

What was the result of the annexation of the Philippines?

The occupation of Manila by American forces and $20 million led to a handover of the Philippines from the Spanish. The Spanish had ruled the Philippines for three centuries. The Treaty of Paris ended the four-month war between Spain and the United States, and the Philippines became a U.S. territory.

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What happened during American period in the Philippines?

The United States invaded the Philippines, which was then governed by Spain as the Spanish East Indies, during the Spanish–American War. After the conclusion of that war, Philippine revolutionaries declared independence as the Revolutionary Government of the Philippines.

What were the arguments for and against the annexation of the Philippines quizlet?

What were the arguments for and against the annexation of the Philippines? The people that were for annexing the islands argued that there were business interests in thoughts of new markets and fields of investments, the United States wanted to become an empire and so they wanted to expand more.

Why did the United States seize the Philippines in 1898 quizlet?

The U.S. was fighting against Spain over Spain’s colonial policies with Cuba. … was an organization established on June 15, 1898, to battle the American annexation of the Philippines as an insular area.

What role did the Anti-Imperialist League play in the conflict over annexation of the Philippines?

On June 15, 1898, the Anti-imperialist league formed to fight U.S. annexation of the Philippines, citing a variety of reasons ranging from the economic to the legal to the racial to the moral. … Cover of meeting held in Chicago by the American Anti-Imperialist League.

Was annexing the Philippines a good idea?

Some thought has been given to the pros and cons of annexing the Philippines back into the United States. It could reinforce American interests in the region, reduce crime on the islands, and support a more democratic government.

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Why did the US want the Philippines quizlet?

U.S. government’s wanted to build overseas empire. The US didn’t want any other countries to take over control of the Philippines islands. The Filipino people were fighting to be free and independent. Happened a year after the the Spanish American War.

Was the United States justified in annexing the Philippines?

American war strategy. Annexation of the Philippines by the United States was justified by those in the U.S. government and media in the name of liberating and protecting the peoples in the former Spanish colonies.

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