Why do you think it is essential for us Filipino to study the different regional language?

Why is it important to use Filipino language to study Philippine society?

Answer: In studying philippine society and culture, it is crucial that we use the language people are used to in order to show relativity in the study and to understand it on a much more diverse point of view.

Why do we need to study Filipino language?

The Tagalog language is important because it is the basis of the Filipino language — a language used officially by Filipinos across the nation, regardless of province or island or whatsoever. … There are many different languages spoken around the world. Sometimes it can create a barrier when trying to communicate.

What is the importance of language in Filipino culture?

The truth is that, Filipino language is a manifestation of cultural identity that embraces all dialects in the Philippines. The studies of Regional languages and provincial dialects are important because they remain the lingua franca (common language) outside of Metro Manila.

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What is the importance of using Filipino language in any discourse?

Explanation: Language can play a small role in how people’s identities are formed. … This is done by the continuous use of English as the medium of instruction in schools and by making it as the preferred language of communication. Yes, it is important for the Filipinos to be able to communicate very well in English.

What makes Filipino language unique?

Tagalog and Filipino have distinct differences, such as:

It is stricter in the formation of sentence structures and includes several rules. The rules for Filipino are lesser, sentence structuring is simpler and rules are more lenient. Origin. Tagalog is an ethnic language.

What is importance of language?

Language is a vital part of human connection. Although all species have their ways of communicating, humans are the only ones that have mastered cognitive language communication. Language allows us to share our ideas, thoughts, and feelings with others. It has the power to build societies, but also tear them down.

What is the purpose of Filipino subject?

The purpose of the filipino subject is to spread the stories made by our ancestors. The filipino subject also helps us know some of the traits of the filipino people. Also, the kinds of stories such as kwentong bayan, epics, legends, etc.

Why is it important to have a Filipino subject in college?

Filipino, Panitikan, the Constitution and History are critically important subjects in building young Filipino learners’ humane consciousness with as much critical thinking and social commitment to their nation and its sovereign development as well as to the entire world and its brighter future.

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What is a Filipino subject?

Filipino subject is where the only language used is the Tagalog(national language of the Philippines) reading and writing and other lessons are taught in this subject but only Tagalog is used for this.

What are the benefits of multilingualism?

The Benefits of Multilingualism

  • Sharpens the mind. According to a study out of Spain’s University of Pompeu Fabra, multilingual people are better at observing their surroundings. …
  • Enhances decision-making. …
  • Improves the first language. …
  • Increases networking skills. …
  • Enhances the ability to multitask. …
  • Improves memory.


Why is it important to love your own language?

Maintaining your first language is critical to your identity and contributes to a positive self-concept. … In terms of its value in social interactions, speaking your first language can strengthen ties with family members. If the native language isn’t maintained, important links to family members may be lost.

What is the connection between language and culture?

A particular language points to the culture of a particular social group. Learning a language, therefore, is not only learning the alphabet, the meaning, the grammar rules and the arrangement of words, but it is also learning the behavior of the society and its cultural customs.

How can I improve my Filipino language?

5 Ways To Improve Your Filipino Speaking Skills

  1. Read out loud. If you’re listening to a lesson and reading along, read out loud. …
  2. Prepare things to say ahead of time. …
  3. Use shadowing (repeat the dialogues as you hear them). …
  4. Review again and again. …
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How can we promote Filipino culture?

Try these easy, inexpensive ways to promote your culture.

  1. Reach Out To Local Media. …
  2. Start A Culture Social Media Group. …
  3. Publish And Speak Prolifically. …
  4. Create Your Own Culture List. …
  5. Partner With A Culture Expert.


How can I enrich Filipino language?

Here are some of them:

  1. Speak to them more often in Filipino. As mentioned earlier, we began talking to our kids in English from birth. …
  2. Read Filipino books. …
  3. Supplement with easy-to-use textbooks and workbooks. …
  4. Sing Filipino songs. …
  5. Get help from others.


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