Who are the Internet service provider in Malaysia?

Sl Provider Name Provider Link
1 Celcom http://www.celcom.com.my/
2 IX Telecom http://ixtelecom.net/
3 Jaring http://www.jaring.my/
4 Maxis Communications http://www.maxis.com.my/

How many Internet service providers are there in Malaysia?

There are 12 Listings in this Category.

Which is the best Internet service provider in Malaysia?

Top Telco Providers In Malaysia (In Alphabetical Order)

  • Celcom. Celcom offers unlimited high-speed internet with a free AX router. …
  • Digi. Malaysia’s largest internet network, Digi is a reliable telco that provides unlimited high-speed home broadband.
  • Maxis. …
  • TIME. …
  • UniFi. …
  • 1) Coverage Area Availability. …
  • 2) Speed. …
  • 3) Bundling Cost.


Who is the provider of Internet?

An Internet Service Provider (ISP) is a company such as AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, or Spectrum that provides Internet access to companies, families, and even mobile users. ISPs use fiber-optics, satellite, copper wire, and other forms to provide Internet access to its customers.

Is Internet free in Malaysia?

In a statement today, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) said the provision of 1GB of free internet data daily which has been going on since April last year aims to help the people cope with the new digital norms during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Why is Malaysia internet so slow?

According to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), the increased use of the Internet by Malaysians during the Movement Control Order (MCO) is one of the reasons why the speed has slowed down.

Is 100 Mbps fast?

An internet speed of 100 Mbps is fast—but it’s not extremely fast. It’s just above average for most internet users, powerful enough to let you stream videos, play online games, and participate in video chat meetings on a handful of devices with minimal slowdowns.

Which is better Unifi or Maxis Fibre?

Faster Speeds with Maxis Fibre Broadband

New Unifi customers are able to sign up for a maximum speed up to 300Mbps while Maxis are offering speeds up to 800Mbps to the same customers. Irony: The high speed broadband (HSBB) fibre network (used for Unifi and Maxis Fibre) is operated by Telekom Malaysia (TM).

Which is the best WIFI for home?

  1. Google Nest Wifi. Google Wifi and Home together at long last. …
  2. Asus ZenWiFi AX (XT8) Wi-Fi 6 meets mesh routers. …
  3. Asus RT-AX86U. An impressive all-around upgrade. …
  4. Asus RT-AX58U. Wi-Fi 6 on a budget. …
  5. Linksys Velop WiFi 6 AX4200. Smart design and speedy performance. …
  6. Netgear Orbi Pro. …
  7. Netgear Orbi AC2200 RBK23. …
  8. TP-Link Deco M9 Plus.

What are the Best Internet Service Providers of 2021?

  • #1 Xfinity Internet.
  • #2 Verizon Internet.
  • #3 AT&T Internet.
  • #3 Spectrum Internet.
  • #5 Cox Internet.
  • #5 RCN Internet.
  • #7 CenturyLink Internet.
  • #8 Frontier Internet.
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Is Google an Internet service provider?

‘: Everything you need to know about Google’s high-speed internet service. Google Fiber is a broadband internet service that Google is currently deploying in 18 cities across the US. The service is notable because of its high speed, running up to 1000 Mbps, with a friendly month-to-month, all-inclusive pricing scheme.

Does my Internet provider know what websites I visit?

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can see everything you do online. They can track things like which websites you visit, how long you spend on them, the content you watch, the device you’re using, and your geographic location.

How can I get free 1GB data?

How to Get Free 1GB Internet Data:

  1. Download/Install Airtel TV App.
  2. Enter your Airtel number and verify it by Confirmation code.
  3. You will get Instant 1 GB data at Your Account.
  4. Done, you will get free 1GB 3G/4G Data for 3days.

How do I get free internet?

How to Get Free Internet

  1. Public WiFi Hotspots. A WiFi hotspot is a physical location where people can access the internet using WiFi technology. …
  2. Municipal WiFi Hotspots. …
  3. Connect2Compete Internet Program. …
  4. FreedomPop. …
  5. All Free ISP.

How can I use 1GB of data daily?

How much is 1GB of data?

  1. 40 minutes daily of web browsing.
  2. Or 20 minutes daily of social media apps.
  3. Or 22 hours per month of music.
  4. Or 1-2 films per month (low or medium quality)


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