What does Alai na mean in Thai?

What is Alai in Thai?

8) What?? – ALAI NA kup // ALAI NA kaaa? Used when you don’t understand. NA is often stuck in before kup/kaa e.g. KHOB KHUN MAK na kup = thank you very much.

What is the meaning of Arai na?

Arai” in general means “What” Arai = usually gives the emotional tone of the speaker ranging between feeling neutral to annoyed by the subject and/or the person in the conversation. Arai na = The speaker wants you to repeat whatever you just said.

What does Na Krab mean in Thai?

Krab/Ka. “Krab” or “Ka” (you saw above) is used for a simple reply “Yes”. “Chai”(ใช่) is used to mean “Yes, you are right”.

How do you say Arai Wa in Thai?

ARAI NA อะไรนะ – What is it? (NA นะ is a polite particle or softener). ARAI WA อะไรวะ – What the hell do you want? (WA วะ – Impolite particle). Or: PAI NAI MAI JA ไปไหนมาจ๊ะ – Where have you been, dear? (JA จ๊ะ can be used as a polite, caring particle).

How do you say see you in Thailand?

Another less formal way to say goodbye in Thai is ‘jer gan’ (เจอกัน) – which means see you.

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How do you curse in Thai?

Remember you may hear Thai people use many of these but they know how to use them.

  1. Insults. stupid. …
  2. kwai. This is the Thai word for buffalo. …
  3. nah gliat. This is a funny one. …
  4. kee nee-ow. This phrase means stingy or tight with money. …
  5. ‘kee nok’ and ‘kee ngok’ …
  6. ai & ee. …
  7. Swear Words.

What does Jing Jing mean in Thai?

The root word is จริง, which means ‘true’ or ‘real’. จริง Jing1. If you repeat the word twice, it means ‘really! ‘, ‘seriously’, or ‘I’m telling the truth.

What does Koon Chai mean?

Ai Koon-Chai is the way Ae sarcastically calls Pete. … It’s a sarcasm. (Which is ok to be joking with a very close friend.)

What meaning Thai?

Thai Add to list Share. Thai things have something to do with the country of Thailand, its culture and people, or the language spoken there. Many people enjoy Thai food. Thai is Thailand’s official language. … The word Thai, originally Tai, means “free.”

What kind of language is Thai?

Thai language

Ethnicity Central Thai, Thai Chinese, Malaysian Siamese
Native speakers 20–36 million (2000) 44 million L2 speakers with Lanna, Isan, Southern Thai, Northern Khmer and Lao (2001)
Language family Kra–Dai Tai Southwestern Tai Chiang Saen Thai
Writing system Thai script Thai Braille

What does alaiwa mean in English?

Here is alaiwa- meaning in English: seldom.

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