What can I buy in Surabaya?

What should I buy in Indonesia?

Then continue reading below, because here’s a list of the top 10 things to buy in Indonesia!

  • Chocolate.
  • Batik.
  • Gamelan instruments.
  • Celuk jewelry – One of my favorite Indonesia souvenirs!
  • Incense.
  • Congklak (dakon board game)
  • Batik Paintings.
  • Pottery.


Is Surabaya safe?

There is considerable risk from crime in Surabaya. Crime threats and patterns vary across the consular district, which includes both crowded urban environments and remote, sparsely populated areas. Although serious crime incidents have occurred, violent crimes involving U.S. citizens are relatively uncommon.

What is there to do in Surabaya at night?

Nightlife in Surabaya – 8 Things To Do For a Memorable Surabayan Night

  • Visit Night Markets. …
  • Visit the North African Medina (Pasar Ampel) at Arab Quarter. …
  • Take a Stroll in the Evening at Taman Bungkul. …
  • Enjoy at the Surabaya Night Carnival. …
  • Hit the Nightclubs in Surabaya. …
  • Spend a Relaxing Spa Evening.

What can I bring home from Indonesia?

10 Best Indonesia Souvenirs & Gifts

  1. Batik. Indonesia is a real paradise for fabric collectors. …
  2. Wayang. Wayang (puppet shadow performances) is an art in Javanese and Balinese customs that tells a particular story. …
  3. Woodcraft. …
  4. Coffee. …
  5. Traditional Musical Instruments. …
  6. Traditional Weapons. …
  7. Silver Products and Precious Stones. …
  8. Indonesian Snacks.
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What clothing brands are made in Indonesia?

10 Clothing Brands You Probably Didn’t Know Were Made in Indonesia

  • Day and Night.
  • Get Dirrty.
  • PVRA.
  • Seratus Kapas.
  • Cotton Ink.
  • Public Culture.
  • Beatrice Clothing.
  • Posh The Label.


What language is spoken in Surabaya?

The language spoken are: Indonesian (national) language, Javanese language with SURABAYA accent. Only small group of Surabaya citizen spoken English.

Is Malang worth visiting?

Malang is definitely the place that is worth to explore, with the beautiful mountain ranges to the amazing foods that city can offer, Malang has it all.

Is Mount Bromo safe?

Mount Bromo in East Java is still deemed safe for travelers following an eruption on Monday morning, though tourists are prohibited from entering a 1-kilometer radius from the crater. … It is still considered safe, despite the irregular eruptions occurring on a daily basis.

What is the meaning of Surabaya?

Surabaya, the second largest city in Indonesia, is the capital of East Java. The meaning of Surabaya is combination of sura meaning shark and baya meaning crocodile. There are about 3 million people living in Surabaya and they speak a dialect of Javanese called Suroboyoan.

What is the population of Surabaya Indonesia?

The city has a population of 2.87 million within its city limits at the 2020 Census and 9.5 million in the extended Surabaya metropolitan area, making it the third-largest metropolitan area in Indonesia.

What should you not buy in Bali?

10 Stupid Things People Buy in Bali

  • Wooden phalluses.
  • Nasty bumper stickers.
  • Bintang singlets.
  • Counterfeit designer gear.
  • String or bead bracelets.
  • Airbrushed surf paintings and decorative mini surfboards.
  • Luwak or civet cat-poop coffee.
  • Bornean blowpipes and bow and arrows.
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What should I bring home from Bali?

20 souvenirs you should buy in Bali

  • “Pohon barang”, wooden crafts. Budget: from 0.80 USD. …
  • “Ata” crafts. Budget: small ones from 2.50 USD, bags from 1.60 USD. …
  • Beads crafts. Budget: from 0.80 USD. …
  • Batik and Ikat. Budget: small ones from 2.50 USD. …
  • Silvers. Budget: from 40 USD. …
  • Jenggala Keramik. …
  • Aroma oil. …
  • Natural soap.


What is famous food in Bali?

6 dishes every visitor to Bali needs to taste

  • Babi guling (suckling pig) …
  • Lawar. …
  • Bebek betutu (slow cooked duck) …
  • Sate lembat. …
  • Ikan bakar (grilled fish) Jimbaran-style. …
  • Be siap sambal matah (chicken in ‘raw’ sambal)


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