How can I transfer my digi top up to Philippines?

How can I transfer credit from Digi to Philippines?

shop prepaid talktime transfer international

  1. SMS TN to 2000. or. Dial *128*1*7# select Talktime. …
  2. Select the amount of credit that you wish to transfer. Reply Y to confirm the transaction. You will receive a confirmation text message upon successful transaction.

How do I transfer international credit?

International credit can be transferred in the following ways:

  1. Dial *100# and follow the instructions.
  2. Dial *100*international number# and follow the instructions.
  3. Text the international number to 1700 and follow the instructions.

How can I transfer balance from Mobily to Philippines?

Transfer load from Mobily to the Philippines

  1. Write the code: TR {space} (the number of the recipient).
  2. Example: TR 639383085984.
  3. Send it to 600900.
  4. Select the amount you wish to transfer to the Philippines and reply back its code; …
  5. Mobily will send a message that you are sending PHP XX to the recipient number.
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How can I transfer credit to another Digi number?

shop prepaid talktime transfer

  1. Dial *128# from your Digi mobile, then select My Account. From the menu, select Talktime Services.
  2. Reply 1 to select Talktime Transfer, and then choose a transfer option. Key in the Digi mobile number you wish to send Prepaid credit to and select CALL/SEND.

How do I transfer my balance from one phone to another?

Dial: To transfer your mobile balance just dial *141# and follow the instructions. or type SMS GIFT ‘Amount’ and Send it to 121. Transfer Limit: You can transfer minimum amount of Rs. 5 to Rs. 50 to another network.

Where can I buy cheap loads in the Philippines?

My Top Four (4) Apps Where I Buy Load Online with Discounts and Cashbacks

  • Shopee. The number one on my list is Shopee using their Shopee Pay. …
  • is second on my list when it comes to buying discounted prepaid load. …
  • GCash. I think GCash is one of the most popular app among this list. …
  • PayMaya.

How do you give someone a load?

Share-A Load without a PIN

Text to 2 + 10-digit prepaid number of the recipient.

How can I transfer balance from friendi to Philippines?

To start transferring international credit dial *222# and follow these steps:

  1. Enter the international phone number with the country code (example: 00911412680011)
  2. Select the amount that you would like to transfer.
  3. An SMS confirmation will be sent to you and the receiver.

How can I transfer credit from Zain to international?

How to subscribe

  1. Send” TR “To 94009 or 94001 or dial *909# recharge a number in another country Example: TR and send to 94009 or 94001.
  2. Choose from the available credit options.
  3. Confirm the transaction by replying with the required option to the same SMS.
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How do I transfer credit to my 5 SIM?

To transfer the amount just type the following command: *100*Mobile Number*amount# and press the send key”. Once the amount is transferred, you will receive the credit on your phone.

How do you send someone credit?

Dial *128* then the phone number of the person you are sending the credit to (including the area code), then * the amount, then # and press the call button or send button. For example *128*8761234567*2#.

How can I transfer credit from Mobily to international?

Credit Transfer

  1. Dial *123#
  2. Press the call key, and then you will be requested through an interactive menu to enter the phone number of the recipient as well as the credit amount you want transferred.

Can we PORT STC to Mobily?

Both prepaid and postpaid lines can be transferred to any other network. Currently, only the three major networks are offering mobile number portability services, STC, Mobily and Zain. The service is totally free.

How can I change my Mobily SIM to English?

In short, dial *1100#, then press the call button. Now type 5, then tap the Send button. Then 1, and again 1 and tap Send. Close the phone app and dial *1100# to check, you will see that your language is changed.

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