How big is Bandung Indonesia?


What is the population of Bandung?

Population (2020 Census)
• Total 2,444,160 (4th)
• Density 14,609/km2 (37,840/sq mi)
• Urban 7,065,000 (2nd)

Why is Bandung famous?

The city has been well known for its universities, fashionable clothing and as a great place for gastronomic adventure. Nowadays, Bandung has become a very popular weekend escape for Jakartans, who would crowd the city on weekends and national holidays.

Is Bandung a city in Indonesia?

With a total of 2.5 million registered residents, Bandung City is the third most populous city in Indonesia after Jakarta and Surabaya (BPS Kota Bandung, 2014). The city serves as the capital of the West Java Province and is located about 140 km from the country capital, Jakarta (see Fig. 1a).

What is the population density of Bandung?

Bandung, the capital city of West Java Province, is the third largest city in Indonesia, populated by about 2,5 million people, with 1,400 people per km2 density.

Is Bandung safe?

Bandung is a pretty safe city. The crime index is low here, and most of the problems are related to bribery and corruption. The likelihood that someone will try to rob you or steal your phone is minimal. However, to use common sense is still necessary, and be sure to look after your things.

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Why is Indonesia population so high?

The population of Indonesia has long been known to be in the 4th position of the world and the third in Asia. … This population density occurs due to high birth rates and the lack of family planning programs, the number of Indonesian population ranks fourth in the world reached 238 million people.

Which is called the city of flowers?

But long before that, the city was already popular during the colonial era, and is still referred to as ‘Paris van Java’ (the Paris of Java), and also, The City of Flowers, as nicknamed by the Dutch. …

What does Bandung mean?

• BANDUNG (noun) Meaning: A city in Indonesia; located on western Java (southeast of Jakarta); a resort known for its climate. Classified under: Nouns denoting spatial position.

What language is Bandung?

Sundanese and Indonesian are the most widely spoken languages in Bandung, and many Sundanese people are bilingual or even trilingual. The official Indonesian language is Bahasa Indonesia. English is widely spoken.

What is the official language of Indonesia?


Where does Indonesia located?


When did Indonesia gain its independence?

August 17, 1945

What is the largest ethnic group in Indonesia?

The Javanese constitute Indonesia’s largest ethnic group, accounting for roughly one-third of the total population. Most Javanese live in the densely settled, irrigated agricultural regions of central and eastern Java—the most populous parts of the country.

What is the population in Indonesia 2021?

The current population of Indonesia is 276,454,114 as of Thursday, July 8, 2021, based on Worldometer elaboration of the latest United Nations data.

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Where is the greatest population in Indonesia?

Largest Cities in Indonesia

  • Jakarta (Jakarta Province): 10.135 million.
  • Surabaya (East Java): 2.843 million.
  • Bandung (West Java): 2.575 million.
  • Medan (North Sumatra): 2.497 million.
  • Bekasi(West Java): 2.51 million.
  • Semarang (Central Java): 2.067 million.
  • Tangerang (Banten): 2.001 million.
  • Depok (West Java): 1.869 million.
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