Can a Vietnamese girl be a KPOP Idol?

A Vietnamese, Korean, Indian, Taiwanese, Chinese or even Japanese… can be a Successful KPOP Idol. Heck, even an African, American, Saudi Arabian can be a KPOP idol. As long as you have the looks and the talent.

Is there a Vietnamese KPOP Idol?

Hate to break it to you, but there are currently no full-fledged Vietnamese K-pop idols. This may be a stretch, but there is one singer that “might” qualify as a Vietnamese K-pop idol. Hari Won is a Vietnamese-Korean singer that was born in Seoul but now resides in Hồ Chí Minh City.

Who was the first Vietnamese KPOP Idol?

Moruk Laplamiz. It took some times, but Vietnam is finally ready. Three months ago, Ivone, a former member of the disbanded vietnamese Kpop group LIME, became the first vietnamese to promote on a korean music show.

So, why do Vietnamese like Korean dramas? Many Vietnamese are attracted to Korean dramas because they have a strict hierarchical order, an attractive culinary culture and beautiful Korean stars. In a survey of 1114 students in Ho Chi Minh City, 59 per cent liked Korean dramas, and nearly 50 per cent liked K-pop.

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Can any race be a KPOP Idol?

Anwser: Yes and there are kpop idols that are chinese, Thai, Japanese, and some are Korean-American. … Can Mexicans, African Americans(Black), Europeans, African, and other races have the opportunities to become a kpop idol?

Why is there no Vietnamese kpop idols?

Kpop Idols doesn’t make their debut in Vietnam, mostly Japan or America, (sometimes China but I don’t really see it anymore) so it make sense for the comapy to choose trainnes that speak those languages. Vietnam already have its own music industry with many famous singers and their own music genre : Vpop.

Are there any Filipino kpop idols?

There is one Filipino KPOP Idol, but only half. The group Cignature has a member named Belle. She is half Korean Half Filipina. Jessi (well, more like ‘was’ homophobic).

Who is famous in Vietnam?

Ho Chi Minh continued the struggle, supporting the National Front for the Liberation of Vietnam, also known as the Viet Công during the Vietnam War. He died in the middle of the conflict, which ended with the capture of Saigon, later renamed Ho Chi Minh City, a legacy to one of the most famous people from Vietnam.

Did Hanbin make it in iland?

– Hanbin was eliminated to the Ground in ep. 1. – He was elimintated in ep. 11 of part 2.

What Kpop idols are Virgo?

The groups with the most Virgo members at 3 members each are DIA (Eunjin, Jenny, Eunice), GOT7 (Youngjae, JinYoung, Mark), VAV (ACE, Jacob, Xiao) , UHSN (Mind, Maria, Oline) and Stray Kids (Seungmin, Felix, Han).

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Is Kpop big in Vietnam?

A survey has found that 51 percent of Vietnamese people like Korean pop music, and 68 percent favor South Korean dramas. Among the most popular K-pop artists are BTS, Big Bang and G-Dragon. …

Can an Indian audition for Bighit if I’m a girl?

Big Hit Entertainment Audition 2021 online

Age group – 12 to 18 years old boys and girls can apply for this show, female participants can join the show from all over the globe.

Is Lana Kpop white?

Lana is the first Russian idol to make a solo debut in the K-pop industry. She is a quarter Tatar through her father’s ancestry. She is fluent in Russian, Korean, Mandarin and English. She trained for 2 years before debuting.

Who is the whitest KPOP Idol?

Here are 10+ female idols famous for having an incredibly white complexion!

  1. TWICE’s Dahyun. TWICE’s Dahyun is an idol extremely famous fro her snow-white skin tone! …
  2. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon. …
  3. (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua. …
  4. IU. …
  5. Red Velvet’s Joy. …
  6. DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon. …
  7. GFRIEND’s SinB. …
  8. TWICE’s Mina.


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