You asked: Where can I give birth in Singapore?

Which hospital is best for delivery in Singapore?

Best Public Hospitals to Give Birth in Singapore

  • National University Hospital (NUH)
  • KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH)
  • Gleneagles Singapore.
  • Mount Elizabeth Hospital Orchard.
  • Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital.
  • Parkway East Hospital.
  • Mount Alvernia Hospital.
  • Thomson Medical Centre.


How much does it cost to give birth in Singapore?

Unlike normal delivery, the bill of a Caesarean delivery appears to be noticeably larger among the private hospitals with the average bill at Gleneagles to be around S$5000 more than Thomson Medical Centre.

Prenatal Check-ups.

Public Hospital Private Hospital Additional Screenings
S$850 S$1500 S$200-S$350

Can I give birth in Singapore?

If you are a female visitor who intends to give birth in Singapore, you must apply for permission through a local sponsor. You will need to provide original documents and official translations (for documents in languages other than English), as well as copies of the documents for ICA to retain.

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How much does it cost to give birth in Singapore for foreigners?

Natalie: Singapore is among the most expensive places to give birth overseas without insurance. According to the Singapore Ministry of Health, giving birth in Singapore and staying in a ward for three days can cost between SGD$4,000 and SGD$12,000.

Does a child born in Singapore get citizenship?

Citizenship by birth

A person is a Singaporean citizen by birth if he or she is born in Singapore with at least one parent who is a Singaporean citizen provided both parents are registered officially as legally married.

Which hospital is the best for delivery?

Best Maternity Care Hospitals 2020

Hospital City Annual Deliveries
Abbeville General Hospital Abbeville 223
Abington Memorial Hospital Abington 4,403
Adena Regional Medical Center Chillicothe 1,065
AdventHealth Sebring Sebring 802

Do you still get baby bonus 2020?

Newborn Upfront Payment and Newborn Supplement

The Newborn Upfront Payment is a lump sum payment of $560 (amount correct January 2020). This amount is not taxable. … You must be eligible for Family Tax Benefit Part A to receive the Newborn Supplement and you cannot also receive Parental Leave Pay for the same child.

How much is the baby bonus in Singapore?

Every Singaporean child will receive $3,000 called the CDA First Step. This is automatically deposited by the Government when the CDA is opened for the child at any of the following banks – DBS/POSB, OCBC or UOB.

Baby Bonus Cash Gift.

Birth Order Baby Bonus Cash Gift*
1st and 2nd $8,000
3rd and subsequent $10,000
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How much is a hospital bill for having a baby?

Women giving birth in California can face a huge cost difference in their hospital bills, according to a new UC San Francisco study. The study found that California women giving birth were charged from $3,296 to $37,227 for an uncomplicated vaginal delivery, depending on which hospital they visited.

What happens if a foreigner gives birth in Singapore?

Foreign nationals can easily apply for foreign citizenship for their newborn at their Embassy in Singapore. … Once you register, you can then obtain a Singapore birth certificate. This does NOT mean your child has Singapore citizenship. Only children of Singapore citizens can obtain Singaporean citizenship.

How much does an ultrasound cost in Singapore?

1. Pre-pregnancy screenings

Item Price range
Consultation $50 to $200
Ultrasound $80 to $150
Pap smear $40 to $80
Blood test $75 to $180

Does insurance cover pregnancy Singapore?

Like what was mentioned earlier, maternity insurance covers you for pregnancy complications or congenital illnesses. … This means that your baby can get an insurance plan with the same insurer, without a medical check-up required, provided the plan is purchased within the first 90 days of birth.

Can use MediSave for giving birth?

The MediSave Maternity Package is a package that allows MediSave to be used to: Pay expenses incurred during delivery (such as medical expenses, delivery expenses and daily hospital charges) Pay pre-delivery medical expenses (such as consultations, ultrasounds, tests & medications)

Which Gynae is good in Singapore?

The Best Female Gynaecologist In Singapore: Our Top 10 Picks

  1. Dr Liana Koe. best gynaecologist in singapore. …
  2. Dr Chee Jing Jye. Story continues. …
  3. Dr Ann Tan. best gynaecologist in singapore. …
  4. Dr Wendy Teo. Image source: Gynae Singapore website. …
  5. Dr Chia Yee Tien. …
  6. Dr Chua Yang. …
  7. Dr Regina Zuzarte-Ng.
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How do I apply for maternity leave in Singapore?

To be eligible for paid maternity leave, you need to have worked for your employer, or have been self-employed for at least 3 continuous months before the birth of your child.

How to apply or claim

  1. Visit
  2. Call 1800 253 4757.
  3. Email
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