Who is known as the Juice King of the Philippines?

AMBASSADOR Alfredo Yao is one of the most admired businessmen in the Philippines today.

Who is a juice king of the Philippines?

Alfred Yao: The Juice King of the Philippines. AMBASSADOR Alfredo Yao is one of the most admired businessmen in the Philippines today.

Who is the juice king?

Alfredo M. Yao was born on November 23, 1943 to the simplest of families. The eldest among his siblings, he had to sacrifice a lot at an early age. He lost his father and became the family breadwinner at the age of 12.

Who invented Zesto?

Альфредо М. Яо

Who is the owner of Zest-O?

#35 Alfredo Yao

Alfredo Yao is the founder of Macay Holdings, a maker and distributor of carbonated soft drinks. His privately held Zesto Corp., which he started with just $50, sells fruit juices, root beer and noodles worldwide. Yao also owns a majority in the Philippines Business Bank.

Is Alfredo Yao is Filipino?

Alfredo M. Yao (born November 26, 1943) is a Filipino businessman who founded Zest-O,Macay Holdings, Inc. (PSE: MACAY) and Philippine Business Bank (PSE: PBB).

What made Alfredo Yao successful?

He managed to save up enough money to start Solemar Commercial Press, his very first business. He named it in honor of his mother. The business went so well that Yao got rich from it. … While in Europe in 1979 to visit various business exhibits, he saw the newly invented doypacks.

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What is Alfredo Yao’s first business venture?

Later on, he ventured into operating the same business. He named his very first business,, Solemar Commercial Press, in honor of his mother. The funds he used to put this up was all his savings from the numerous jobs he had. This business thrived for twenty years, from 1959 to 1979.

Where is Zesto made?


Type Private
Headquarters Caloocan, Metro Manila, Philippines (Head Office) Marilao, Bulacan (Manufacturing Plant)
Area served Philippines
Key people Alfredo M. Yao (Chairman & CEO)
Products Non-alcoholic beverages

Who are the entrepreneurs in the Philippines?

Eight Successful Filipino Entrepreneurs Who Started Small

  • Socorro Ramos – National Book Store. …
  • Tony Tan Caktiong – Jollibee. …
  • Edgar Sia – Mang Inasal. …
  • Cresida Tueres – Greenwich Pizza. …
  • Milagros, Clarita, and Doris Leelin – Goldilocks. …
  • Joe Magsaysay – Potato Corner. …
  • Asiang Reyes – The Aristocrat. …
  • Araceli and Jun Manas – Hen Lin.


How much is a box of Zesto juice?

ZEST-O PLUS JUICE – 100% Vitamin C Orange Flavor Juice Drink – 2 Boxes King Size (10 pieces x 250 ml per box)

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