Where can I paint in Singapore?

How much does it cost to paint a room Singapore?

Cost to Paint A Room

In Singapore, the cost to paint an average-sized room ranges between $200 – $500. If you decide to DIY, the range usually lowers to around $80 – $250. Painting a room is highly dependent on the coverage area – the more area to paint, the more paint used and man-hours needed.

Where can I do graffiti in Singapore?

There are about six places here where spraypainting is legal: the first-ever permanent graffiti walls in Singapore which opened at Somerset skate park in 2006, the graffiti walls at the youth- oriented mall *Scape and the National Youth Council in Toa Payoh, a curated wall at The Substation, Bukit Batok skate park and …

How do you splat paint a house?

Getting there: From Marymount MRT, take bus 410G towards Sin Ming Plaza (3 stops) or walk 11 minutes to Splat Paint House.

How much does Nippon Paint cost?

Choose Nippon Paint Professional Painting Services

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Value Package Classic Package
Nippon Paint Professional Home Painting Packages
HDB Type Private Apts Up Now Up Now
Studio Apt / 2-Room $1400 $950 $1500 $1150
3-Room 491-700 sqft $1650 $1200 $1750 $1400

What should I pay for painting?

Here is the standard price you can expect to pay a professional painting service on a per square foot basis: Room painting- $1.50-$3.50sq/ft. Including trims, walls, and ceilings- $3-$4sq/ft.

How much does it cost to paint a 3 room HDB?

3 room HDB flat: $900-$1350. 4 room HDB flat: $1150-$1600. 5 room HDB flat: $1350-$1800. 5 room executive flat: $1450-$1900.

What is the punishment for graffiti in Singapore?

Upon conviction, the penalty is a fine not exceeding S$2,000 or imprisonment not exceeding three years, and also the corporal punishment of not less than three strokes and not more than eight strokes of the cane.

Is graffiti illegal in Singapore?

Singapore’s strict laws on street art and graffiti have resulted in the arrests of some artists. … But there are also pros to having areas in which graffiti and street art are legal. Whether in a skate park or in local alleyways, the country has a variety of spots for legal artwork.

Where are the wall murals in Singapore?

Murals near Chinatown

  • Location: Tiong Bahru Market & Food Centre, 30 Seng Poh Road, 168898.
  • Location: Blk 73, Eng Watt Street, Tiong Bahru.
  • Location: Belilios Lane, Little India.
  • Location: 51 Waterloo Street/222 Queen Street, 222+51.
  • Location: 71 Sultan Gate, Sultan Arts Village.
  • Location: Haji Lane, Singapore.

What kind of paint do you use for splatter painting?

You can use just about any type of paint for paint splatter art, but acrylic paint is generally the most popular. Acrylic paints are inexpensive, come in a wide variety of colors, and clean up easily.

Which paint is better Nippon or Dulux?


In this case, both Nippon and Dulux are pretty good. But Nippon edges out Dulux because of its Zero VOC paints whereas Dulux has 50 grams of VOC per litre of paint. This isn’t harmful per se, but if given a choice, you should pick zero VOC.

Is Vinilex 5000 washable?

NIPPON VINILEX 5000 is a water-based color that is resistant to alkali and fungus. Mostly in the areas where moisture in walls is the main issue, this paint is more suitable to avoid fungus and other bacteria. … But in the case of EASY WASH, the paint contains the ability of water resistance.

Which is the cheapest paint?

  • ₹200. Asian Paint New Truecare Interior Wall Primer, White 1LTR. Quick look.
  • price₹900. Asian Paints Emulsion Paint, Clear Gloss Finish 1L. Quick look.
  • price₹1,039. ₹1,150.00. …
  • price₹189. Generic Asian Paint Apcolite Enamel Paint 200 ml (Black) …
  • price₹245. ₹291.00. …
  • price₹2,160. ₹3,300.00. …
  • price₹753. ₹900.00. …
  • price₹339. ₹599.00.
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