What is the water temp in Thailand?

Today’s Thailand sea temperature is 85 °F.

Is the sea water warm in Thailand?

Thailand water temperature today

Sea water temperature throughout Thailand warms above 20°C and it is enough for a comfortable bath. The warmest sea temperature in Thailand today is 30.9°C (in Krabi), and the coldest water temperature is 29.6°C (Similan Islands).

How warm is the sea in Phuket?

The average sea surface temperature in May 2020 for Phuket was 91.2°F. The maximum and minimum values were 90.6°F and 92.0°F respectively.

What is a comfortable ocean water temperature to swim in?

When is the water warm enough to swim in? According to the National Oceanographic Data Center, 70-78 degrees is where most people feel comfortable swimming. I have found that a water temperature of 70-78 degrees is a bit cold for most of us north Texans.

Does Thailand ever get cold?

The cold season is generally from November to February. In Bangkok this means it might get as cold as 60F at the coldest point of the night, but more likely 65F. In the day it might average around, say, 75F. … The southern-most regions of Thailand generally don’t have a cold season.

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What is the warmest sea in the world?

The warmest sea in the world is the Red Sea, where temperatures range from 68 degrees to 87.8 degrees F depending upon which part you measure.

What is the temperature of the Atlantic Ocean right now?

The water temperature right now is at least 41°F and at most 86°F. The seasonal average water temperature is between 42°F and 86°F (see water temperatures of the Atlantic Ocean in july).

Is the water warm in Phuket?

Water temperature in Phuket today is 29.9°C.

During those months, Phuket water temperature does not drop below 20°C and therefore suitable for comfortable swimming. The average water temperature in Phuket in winter reaches 29°C, in spring 30°C, in summer the average temperature rises to 29°C, and in autumn it is 29°C.

How hot is it in Thailand in December?

How Hot Is Bangkok In December? The daily average temperature for Bangkok in December is 26°C with highs of 31°C and lows of 21°C.

Can you swim 64 degree water?

According to the World Health Organization, water temperatures ranging from 78 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit are generally comfortable and safe for those engaging in moderate physical activity in a pool. … Conversely, swimming in temperatures below 70 degrees Fahrenheit can lead to increased heart rate and blood pressure.

Is 65 degrees too cold to swim?

While air temperature is one consideration, the water temperature is another important factor in deciding when it’s best to go swimming. 65 to 70 degrees for a water temperature is often considered very cool. A pool water temperature range of 78 to 82 degrees is common and comfortable.

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Is 75 degrees too cold for the beach?

Anything under 75 if your a planning on swimming. Anything under 60 if you are just going to walk in the beach.

What is the coldest city in Thailand?

Historically, Sakon Nakhon is the coldest place in Thailand, measuring minus 1.4C in Muang district in 1974.

Where is the coolest place in Thailand?

8 Chilly Destinations In Thailand For A Pretend Winter Vacation

  • Chiang Mai. meawtao. …
  • Chiang Rai. …
  • Khao Yai. …
  • Saraburi & Nakhon Ratchasima Sunflower Fields. …
  • Khao Kho. …
  • Mae Hong Son. …
  • Wang Nam Khiao. …
  • Lampang.


Is it always warm in Thailand?

The weather in Thailand is classified as hot and humid, with a long monsoon season. … The hot season runs from March through to June, with April and May the hottest months of the year. The monsoon season usually is accompanied by heavy rain but will normally have rough seas. This season can vary from year to year.

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