What is the meaning of the logo of the Philippines?

Logo. “Justitiae Pax Opus” The Department of Justice (DOJ) logo/seal features three stars representing the three main geographical islands of the Philippines; a scale symbolizing equality, which is balanced over a sword, symbolic of authority in the dispensation of justice.

What is the logo of Philippines?

Coat of arms of the Philippines

Coat of arms of the Philippines Sagisag ng Pilipinas
Compartment Beneath shall be the scroll with the Name of the Country in Filipino inscribed thereon
Motto Republika ng Pilipinas
Other elements Bald eagle of the United States and lion rampant of Spain (the charge of the Kingdom of León)

What is the significance of the symbol of the great seal of the Philippines?

The Great Seal of the Philippines (Filipino: Dakilang Sagisag ng Pilipinas) is used to authenticate official documents of the Philippine government. It may refer to the physical seal itself or the design impressed upon it. Under the law, the President of the Philippines is given the custody to the seal.

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What is the meaning of the logo of Manila?

To represent Manila and the City Government, and as a seal of approval to authenticate certain documents and local government legislation. … The top, red half depicts the city’s nickname, “Pearl of the Orient”, while the lower, blue half is charged with a sea-lion surmounting the waves of the River Pasig and Manila Bay.

What symbols are included in the seal of Philippines?

The sun, stars and colors symbolize the same things – the sun symbolizes unity, freedom, democracy and sovereignty; the eight rays symbolize the first eight provinces (Manila, Cavite, Bulacan, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, Tarlac, Laguna and Batangas) that revolted against Spain; the three stars represent Luzon, Visayas and …

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What language is spoken in the Philippines?

Филиппины/Официальные языки

What is the common symbol of Philippine government?

Aside from those stated symbols in the Constitution and in Republic Act 8491, there are only six official national symbols of the Philippines enacted through law, namely sampaguita as national flower, narra as national tree, the Philippine eagle as national bird, Philippine pearl as national gem, arnis as national …

What is the national motto of the Philippines?


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Did heraldry begin in the Philippines?

The Coat of Arms of the Republic, approved by Commonwealth Act No. 731, was the beginning of heraldic tradition in the Philippines where before there was none. … The Heraldry Committee through the technical staff prepared the final design with the heraldic description for the approval of the President of the Philippines.

Are there sea lions in the Philippines?

In the Philippines

The sea-lion is prominent in the heraldic tradition of the Philippines, where it features on the coats of arms of the capital, the primatial see, the seal of the navy, the presidential seal, the seals of the Department of Finance, the Department of Education and other various government offices.

The machinery gear symbolizes its industries and the shoelast represents the traditional manufacture of the city. … The torch focuses on the lofty and noble ideals for human development and a better quality of life, and is symbolic of its Hispanic culture and tradition.

Is Philippines a country?

Philippines, island country of Southeast Asia in the western Pacific Ocean. It is an archipelago consisting of some 7,100 islands and islets lying about 500 miles (800 km) off the coast of Vietnam. Manila is the capital, but nearby Quezon City is the country’s most-populous city.

What are the political symbols in the Philippines?

Apart from RA 8491 and the Constitution, the Philippines has only six official national symbols enacted either through a proclamation by the executive department or through a Republic Act by the legislative department, namely sampaguita, narra, the Philippine eagle, the Philippine pearl, arnis and the Filipino Sign …

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What does the Philippine eagle symbolize?

It is one of the largest, strongest, and rarest bird in the world. Unfortunately, the Philippine Eagle is critically endangered due to poachers and deforestation. The bird is chosen as a national symbol as it represents the strength, uniqueness, a love for freedom, and power of the Filipino people.

Who can use the great seal of the Philippines?

The use of the Coat-of-Arms and the Great Seal in Philippine coins or Philippine currency of any kind shall be by authority of the President of the Philippines. 15.

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