What is the difference between global version and Malaysia version?

The “Global version” are more for products that are released outside of China, with English manuals. They are mostly from India, which is a big market for Xiaomi. As for “Malaysian Version”, we don’t think so, Malaysia’s market is too small for them to release a version just for Malaysia.

What is the difference between global set and Malaysia set?

Global set is set not sell for Malaysia market. MY set is official set sell for Malaysia market. Global set is set not sell for Malaysia market.

What does it mean by global version?

What is the global version of the phone? Global version phone is xiaomi specifically tailored for overseas markets mobile phones,It is more suitable for foreign users to use habits.

What is the difference of Xiaomi global version?

Chinese and Global MIUI are essentially the same software, the only big difference being, of course, the language and some applications, including market. Chinese ROM ships with three languages, traditional and simplified Chinese, and English. The keyboard is Google Pinyin, the Chinese one.

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What is global version in redmi?

What is Xiaomi Global ROM/Version? The Global ROM is designed and developed for international use & global market with multiple languages, No Chinese apps, Google Play Store supported and supports network bands in other countries.

Can I use China ROM in Malaysia?

Chinese models usually work in Malaysia but have signal issues for Europe/Australia, those 2 will have issues in those places. Sideloading google on China rom will most probably not be certified since google is getting more strict and banking etc apps will not work.

Is Import Set original?

AP set is an import set that is parallel import from other country. AP set is also an original set produced by original manufacturer, just that it is sold by authorized distributor of it’s respective country.

Which is better global version or China version?

Some enthusiasts believe that the Chinese ROM is more stable and gets better battery performance than the Global ROM. Even so, the difference is negligible, because the two are essentially the same system, just the official gives the updates faster on Chinese ROM than the Global version.

Which is better global ROM or global version?

Global ROM is software, Global Version is hardware. Global Versions of phones usually support more LTE bands than the regular Chinese versions. Those bands will be there regardless of the ROM used. Global ROM is software and can be installed on any device which has Global builds.

How do I know if my phone is global?

Enter your phone IMEI or S/N number. It will show whether your phone is chinese or global variant. Go to Settings > About Phone It will tell you the MIUI Version.

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Is it OK to use China ROM?

The only exception is you need to use it mostly in China. Therefore you can buy a China version and manually install all google frameworks and apps for the use of outside China. Global rom is official rom developed by the company itself.

What is global ROM in xiaomi?

Answered 3 years ago. MIUI global ROM is an Android operating system that is developed by Xiaomi and comes comes pre-installed in all the Xiaomi devices those are sold outside of China (exception- Xiaomi A1 which comes with stock Android because this particular device is under Android one program).

What is a global version cell phone?

Global cell phones are usually tri-band or quad-band phones loaded with a special international SIM card. These international SIM cards offer the advantage of a single phone number without expensive international roaming charges. The rates you pay per minute depend on where you are and where you’re calling.

How do I know if redmi is global?

How to check if your Xiaomi phone is an authentic global version?

  1. head to Xiaomi official product authentication page.
  2. Enter the IMEI or S/N number and verification code on the page. …
  3. Then click “Verify” button on the page.


Where is xiaomi 20 digit security code?

The security code is located at the back of Xiaomi product’s package box. Here we use a Xiaomi Mi power bank 2 as an example: scratch off the coating to obtain the 20-digit security code of the Mi power bank 2.

What is global ROM version?

A Global Rom is basically the software variant that runs on your device. Xiaomi too provides two flavours… the Chinese ROM and Global ROM. The Chinese ROM doesn’t come preloaded with Google Apps as it’s banned in China and it’s more stable while the Global ROM has Gapps installed.

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