What is the banana capital of the Philippines?

Davao del Norte is primarily an agricultural province. No wonder it is hailed as the Banana Capital of the Philippines, with many plantations run by multinationals and local producers. However, the province also boasts of its vast array of tourist attractions.

What is Davao del Norte known for?

Davao del Norte is the country’s leading producer of bananas, with many plantations run by multinationals Dole and Del Monte, and local producers such as Lapanday, TADECO, and Marsman. Davao del Norte is also one of Mindanao’s leading producer of rice.

What is the banana capital of Davao?

Davao Del Norte is a large province comprising of eight municipalities and three cities. Known as the “banana capital of the Philippines’, when driving through Davao Del Norte, you get to see lots of, well, bananas!

What is Panabo City known for?

Being an agro-industrial city, Panabo is known as the “Banana Capital of the Philippines” due to numerous banana plantations scattered throughout the city.

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What is Davao City known for?

The city serves as the main trade, commerce, and industry hub of Mindanao, and the regional center of Davao Region. Davao is home to Mount Apo, the highest mountain in the Philippines. The city is also nicknamed the “Durian Capital of the Philippines” and “Chocolate Capital of the Philippines”.

What is the main product of Davao?

The province is a major producer of rice, corn, coconut, sugarcane, cacao, mango and banana. Fishery production in the province is sourced from captured fish and aquaculture.

What is the coconut capital of the Philippines?

This preview shows page 1-3 out of 3 pages. DID YOU KNOW THAT? Quezon isb also known as “The Coconut Capital of the Philippines” because it produces more coconut than any other place in the Philippines. Quezon province was formerly called “Kaliraya” then “Tayabas”.

Is Mount Apo A volcano or mountain?

Mount Apo, at 9,692 feet (2,954 metres), is an active volcano in the southern part of the central highlands; it is the highest peak in the Philippines. The island has narrow coastal plains, and broad, fertile basins and extensive swamps are formed by the Mindanao and Agusan river systems.

What is the culture of Davao Region?

Like most cities in the Philippines, Christians predominate in Davao. Christian churches and chapels dot the city’s landscape along with temples, mosques and other places of worship.

What is the pineapple capital of the Philippines?

Central Visayas (Region VII)

City/Municipality Province Nicknames
San Jose Negros Oriental The Regional Pineapple Capital
Siaton Negros Oriental Southland by the Sea
Sierra Bullones Bohol Golden Town of Bohol
Siquijor Siquijor The Mystical Town
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What region does Siargao belong?


Region Caraga
Province Surigao del Norte
Municipalities Burgos Dapa Del Carmen General Luna Pilar San Benito San Isidro Santa Monica Socorro

What region is Samal Island belong?

Samal, Davao del Norte

Coordinates: 7°03′N 125°44′ECoordinates: 7°03′N 125°44′E
Country Philippines
Region Davao Region
Province Davao del Norte

When did Davao Occidental became a province?

Davao Occidental (Cebuano: Kasadpang Dabaw; Filipino: Kanlurang Davao) is the 81st and newest province in the Philippines located in the Davao Region in Mindanao. Its capital is the municipality of Malita.

Davao Occidental
Region Davao Region
Founded 28 October 2013
Capital (and largest LGU) Malita

Is Davao a safe city?

Crime rates in Davao, Philippines

Level of crime 27.07 Low
Problem people using or dealing drugs 33.54 Low
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft 33.45 Low
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery 28.91 Low
Problem corruption and bribery 31.77 Low

Is Davao Safe 2020?

Davao City is now the fifth safest city in the world, improving from its ninth-place ranking last month, according to the data released by crowd-sourcing survey site Numbeo.com. As of this writing, Davao City has a crime index of 18.18 and a safety index of 81.82.

Where is the safest place to live in the Philippines?

Davao City

A coastal city and a commercial hub, Davao City is a great choice for living in the Philippines as it’s one of Asia’s cleanest, safest, and most livable cities.

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