What does Malaysia export to other countries?

Exports $263 billion (2017 est.)
Export goods Semiconductor & electronic products, palm oil, liquefied natural gas, petroleum, chemicals, machinery, vehicles, optical & scientific equipment, manufactures of metal, rubber, wood and wood products

What are Malaysia main exports?

Malaysia’s main exports are: electrical and electronics products (36 percent), chemicals (7.1 percent), petroleum products (7.0 percent), liquefied natural gas (6 percent), and palm oil (5.1 percent).

What does Malaysia trade with other countries?

Foreign trade represented 123.1% of the country’s GDP in 2019 (World Bank, 2020) making the country vulnerable to external demand. The country mainly exports electronic integrated circuits and microassemblies (18.8% of total exports), crude oil and petroleum products (10.8%), semiconductors (3.7%), and palm oil (3.5%).

What does Malaysia export and import?

Malaysia Exports and Imports of Product Groups 2019

Malaysia Raw materials imports are worth US$ 22,887 million, product share of 11.17%. … Malaysia Capital goods exports are worth US$ 103,767 million, product share of 43.58%. Malaysia Capital goods imports are worth US$ 83,547 million, product share of 40.77%.

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What does Malaysia export to us?

Malaysia exports to United States Value Year
Electrical, electronic equipment $10.57B 2019
Machinery, nuclear reactors, boilers $3.10B 2019
Optical, photo, technical, medical apparatus $2.01B 2019
Rubbers $1.75B 2019

Is Malaysia richer than Korea?

Malaysia has a GDP per capita of $29,100 as of 2017, while in South Korea, the GDP per capita is $39,500 as of 2017.

What is Singapore’s biggest export?

Searchable List of Singapore’s Most Valuable Export Products

Rank Singapore’s Export Product 2020 Value (US$)
1 Integrated circuits/microassemblies $86,387,552,000
2 Processed petroleum oils $27,455,933,000
3 Gold (unwrought) $15,769,290,000
4 Turbo-jets $13,728,515,000

Which country does Malaysia Trade with the most?

Top 15

  • China: US$37.8 billion (16.1% of Malaysia’s total exports)
  • Singapore: $33.9 billion (14.5%)
  • United States: $26 billion (11.1%)
  • Hong Kong: $16.2 billion (6.9%)
  • Japan: $14.7 billion (6.3%)
  • Thailand: $10.8 billion (4.6%)
  • South Korea: $8.2 billion (3.5%)
  • Taiwan: $8.1 billion (3.4%)


Is Malaysia a developed country?

Abstract: Malaysia, a developing country, aspires to become a developed country originally by the year 2020, with slight delay to 2025.

What food does Malaysia export?

Malaysia’s population is growing rapidly and reached 32.7 million in 2019.

Top 2019 U.S. processed food exports included:

  • Food Preparations.
  • Processed/Prepared Dairy Products.
  • Processed Vegetables & Pulses.
  • Processed Fruit.
  • Non-alcoholic Beverages.
  • Fats & Oils.
  • Snack Foods.
  • Chocolate & Confectionery.

What is Vietnam’s main export?

Vietnam has emerged as an important electronics exporter, with electrical and electronic products overtaking coffee, textiles, and rice to become the country’s top export item. Samsung is Vietnam’s largest exporter and has helped the country achieve a trade surplus for the first time in many years.

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Is Malaysia an export country?

Yearly Exports

In 2019, Malaysia exported a total of $273B, making it the number 21 exporter in the world. During the last five reported years the exports of Malaysia have changed by $15.7B from $257B in 2014 to $273B in 2019.

What is Malaysia biggest import?

Malaysia’s main imports are: electrical and electronic products (29.4 percent), chemicals (9.5 percent), petroleum products (9.3 percent) and machinery, appliances and parts (8.7 percent).

What is Malaysia rich in?

Malaysia is rich in mineral resources, and mining (including petroleum extraction) accounts for a significant portion of GDP, although it employs only a tiny fraction of the workforce. The major metallic ores are tin, bauxite (aluminum), copper, and iron.

What is Malaysia known for producing?

Economy of Malaysia

Primary production remains important: the country is a major producer of rubber and palm oil, exports considerable quantities of petroleum and natural gas, and is one of the world’s largest sources of commercial hardwoods.

What is Malaysia known for?

With a total landmass of over 300,000 square kilometers, Malaysia is known for its capital city of Kuala Lumpur, a powerhouse financial and business hub in South East Asia, as well as its beautiful beaches, secluded islands, elevated hill stations, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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