What are the two major components of Vietnamese literature?

Who are the five notable prose writers of Vietnamese literature?

Meanwhile, revolutionary prose literature continued to flourish with the work of Nguyen Huy Tuong ( 1912-1960), Bui Hien ( 1919), To Hoai ( 1920), Nguyen Van Bong ( 1921), Kim Lan ( 1921), Chu Van (1922-1994), Thanh Chau ( 1922), Nguyen Dinh Thi (1924-2003), Nguyen Sieu Hai ( 1926), Vu Tu Nam ( 1929) and Phung Quan ( …

What was the language used in writing literary works of Vietnam?

The earliest surviving literature by Vietnamese writers is written in Classical Chinese. Almost all of the official documents in Vietnamese history were written in Classical Chinese, as were the first poems.

What arts and literature are important in Vietnam?

Along with the water puppetry, “cheo”, “tuong”, “cai luong” (types of special traditional folk songs) contribute to enrich the Vietnam performing art. From early 20th century with the influence of Western theater, Vietnam modern performing art is added comedy, circus, magic, dance, ballet, and opera…

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Who among the following are the authors of the finest Vietnamese literature?

Perhaps the greatest of these statesmen-poets was Nguyen Du in the 19th century. His Truyen Kieu (The Tale of Kieu), or Kim Van Kieu, is generally considered the pinnacle of Vietnamese literature.

What literary period is known as the golden age of literature?

The 19th century is widely considered to be the Golden Age of the novel, and especially for British novels. It was in the Victorian era (1837–1901) that the novel became the leading literary genre in English.

What is the most celebrated piece of Japanese literature?

Japanese literature has a long and illustrious history, with its most famous classic, The Tale of Genji, dating back to the 11th century.

How does literature affect the history and culture of a nation?

Literature is a big part of all cultures. … Literature can inform people, it can share history and it becomes the history of a certain place or the world. The documentation of an event or even a story made up can change a culture.

What celebration is the most important ritual event in Vietnamese society?

“Tet”, simply meaning festival, is the accepted name for Vietnam’s most important annual event, properly known as Tet Nguyen Dan, or festival of the first day. Tet lasts for seven days and falls sometime between the last week of January and the third week of February, on the night of the new moon.

Who wrote and addressed the Vietnamese declaration of independence?

Hồ drafted the entire Declaration himself during the five days preceding its public presentation by Hồ at a mass meeting in Hanoi on September 2, 1945.

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Silk Painting is the answer.

Vietnamese silk painting is one of the most popular forms of art in Vietnam, favored for the mystical atmosphere that can be achieved with the medium.

What is the famous sculpture in Vietnam?

The statue of Amida Buddha in the Phat Tich Pagoda (built in 1057) was one of the first works of Buddhist sculpture in the north. A monument found at the Dam Pagoda (built in 1086) is derived from the Cham symbols of Linga and Yoni. At 5.4m high, this is an imposing work.

What culture of the Vietnamese is shown in the poem the cherished daughter?

What culture of the Vietnamese is shown in the poem? The Vietnamese culture present in the poem is that the family have a major voice in the selection of wives and husbands of their children, in which they are arranging their marriage through matrimonial agents (called mai-dongs).

What are the common forms of African literature?

African literature then expanded to include hymns, romance, epic, poetry, fictional narrative, epistles, diaries, philosophy, biography, and autobiography. One particular form of African narrative which may have been the first to draw Western attention for the first time was composed by slaves.

Is Vietnam produced a vernacular literature only in the 20th century?

For its vernacular literatures, Southeast Asia can be divided into (1) Burma; (2) Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia; (3) Vietnam; (4) Malaysia and Indonesia; and (5) the Philippines (which produced a vernacular literature only in the 20th century, after the imposed Spanish and English languages and literatures had made …

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