Quick Answer: Why are you proud to belong to the Malaysian national?

Why should we be proud to be a Malaysian?


Although at times not everyone gets along, the majority of Malaysians do in fact embrace diversity. This can be seen through the strong multiracial friendships formed since school days, the vibrant celebrations of other religions enjoyed as a nation and most of all, the appreciation of food from other cultures.

What I like about being a Malaysian?

4 Things I Love About Being a Malaysian

  • The breathtaking scenery. Malaysia is known for its breathtaking scenery. …
  • The myriad of food. You can’t talk about Malaysia without mentioning the food! …
  • The diverse culture that comes together. …
  • The phenomenal sports scene.


What’s so special about Malaysia?

There is a tremendous amount of unique countries in the world. … It is because Malaysia is very special among unique countries in the world. Malaysia special because of the diversity of races, religions, and cultures. As a result of the diversity, Malaysian produce a very unique element that other countries don’t have.

What being a Malaysian means to me?

Being a Malaysian means I grow up enjoying the best ethnic diversity has to offer, and through it, we embrace each other’s cultures and we learn much about empathy acceptance. … The beautiful thing about our country is that we are a melting pot of cultures and whatever comes our way, we are still able to live in harmony.

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How can I be good Malaysian?

Here are five ways that we, as normal, everyday citizens, can help make a better Malaysia.

  1. Choose unity, and forget race-based politics.
  2. Never forget, but move on.
  3. Celebrate achievements.
  4. Work with our leaders.
  5. Speak up and spread the good word.


Why is Malaysia so hot now?

With the absence of cloud and moisture over Peninsular Malaysia, there is minimal rainfall and higher incoming solar radiation (insolation) which increases the air temperature. Hence, the heat.

What makes you a proud Malaysian?

Rich in heritage, rich in culture, rich in food – we may not realize this but we are walking on truly blessed soil. Malaysia is so full with natural resources that many other countries can only hope to have. … We cannot deny that these things do set us apart and it’s great to call Malaysia our home.

How can I love my country Malaysia?

One of the most obvious and easiest ways to show love for country is by displaying the national flag. You can decorate your house, office cubicle, or car with the Malaysian flag; not just one, but as many as you can! You can also use the colors of the flag to design your surroundings.

Why is Malaysia so cheap?

Malaysia is extremely cheap because daily expenses are lower. For example, A meal in an inexpensive restaurant costs $3. … A full vacation week in Malaysia costs around RM2,000 for one person, or around $500. Overall living in Malaysia is as cheap as living in Thailand or Cambodia.

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Are Malaysians nice?

“Malaysians are naturally friendly and nice to strangers, and Kuala Lumpur is the best example of this. The easy-going temperament of locals and their friendliness towards visitors means that it’s easy to make friends here. “KL is a top spot for both tourists and expats, ” Big 7 Travel wrote on its website.

What is the best thing about Malaysia?

With a total landmass of over 300,000 square kilometers, Malaysia is known for its capital city of Kuala Lumpur, a powerhouse financial and business hub in South East Asia, as well as its beautiful beaches, secluded islands, elevated hill stations, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

What are the things that make you love Malaysia?

5 Reasons Why I Love Malaysia

  • Friends From Different Backgrounds. It is very common to spot groups of friends made up of a variety of races in Malaysia and we love it! …
  • Multilingual Ability. …
  • Holidays, holidays and MORE holidays! …
  • Food Haven. …
  • Many Awesome Places To Visit.


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