Quick Answer: How many districts are there in Thailand?

Place Name Latitude Longitude
Nong Prue District, Kanchanaburi, Thailand 14.611752 99.451660
Thung Song District, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand 8.158651 99.673988

How many states are there in Thailand?

The Provinces of Thailand are part of the government of Thailand that is divided into 76 provinces (Thai: จังหวัด, RTGS: changwat, pronounced [t͡ɕāŋ.

Provinces of Thailand
Also known as: changwat (จังหวัด)
Category Unitary state
Location Kingdom of Thailand
Number 77 Provinces 1 Special Administrative Division

How many sub districts are there in Thailand?

Thailand has an area of 513,120 square kms. In the year 2000, it had 76 provinces, 795 districts, 81 sub districts, 7,255 tambons, and 69,866 villages.

the 2000 population and housing census.

Year Average
2000 3.9

How many regions are in Thailand?

The country is divided into five distinct physiographic regions: the folded mountains in the north and west, the Khorat Plateau in the northeast, the Chao Phraya River basin in the centre, the maritime corner of the central region in the southeast, and the long, slender peninsular portion in the southwest.

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What are Thai districts?

An amphoe (sometimes also amphur, Thai: อำเภอ, pronounced [ʔām. pʰɤ̄ː]) is the second level administrative subdivision of Thailand. Usually translated as “district”. Amphoe make up the provinces, and are analogous to counties. … Also the sizes and population of amphoe differ greatly.

Is Thailand a 3rd world country?

Because Thailand did not initially join the Allies or the Communism Bloc, it is a Third World country. Thailand is considered to be a developing country or, more accurately, a New Industrialized Country.

Is Thailand a poor country?

Even though Thailand is considered a development success story, it is still in the category of a developing nation. Between the 1980s and 2015, poverty in Thailand has greatly declined from 67 percent to 7.2 percent. … Currently, 10.5 percent of Thailand’s population is living below the poverty line.

What does Moo mean in Thailand?

Muban. Perhaps the most notable is the ‘Muban’ (หมู่บ้าน), also known as a ‘Moo’ (หมู่). This can be translated as village in English. They are the smallest division, and there are about 74,944 overall in the country.

What is a tambon in Thailand?

Tambon (Thai: ตำบล, pronounced [tām. … Tambon is usually translated as “township” or “subdistrict” in English — the latter is the recommended translation, though also often used for king amphoe, the designation for a subdistrict acting as a branch (Thai: king) of the parent district.

What means changwat?

Province is Changwat and District is Amphoe (or Kaet if in Bangkok) It’s a formal word for City, derived from the Sanskrit “Puri” meaning “fortified city”

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Which is the richest province in Thailand?

Phuket has been named the richest province in Thailand, while the Northern province of Mae Hong Sorn has the highest poverty rate. According to the data released by the Office of the National Economic and Social Development Board, Phuket tops the income category as it is the only province in Thailand without poverty.

What religion is in Thailand?

Religion. The vast majority of people in Thailand are adherents of Buddhism. The Theravada tradition of Buddhism came to Thailand from Sri Lanka and is shared by peoples in Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and parts of southern China and southern Vietnam. The community of monks (sangha) is central to this tradition.

What are the 4 regions of Thailand?

Thailand is traditionally divided into 4 regions: North, Central, Isan (Eastern-Thailand), and Southern Thailand.

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Does Moo mean pork in Thai?

Moo means pork, as well as a pig. Direct Translation: Moo Daeng, often referred to as barbecued pork, means red pork; Moo Grob is crispy pork; and Kha Moo is pork leg. They can be found easily anywhere.. popular for Thais and friendly to foreigners.

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