How much is a Porsche in Thailand?

How much does Porsche cost in Thailand?

All are priced below four million baht. Models from a class above competing with the Cayenne consist of the Q7, X5 and GLE. All cost less than five million baht. Ever since import duties were jacked up 20 years ago in Thailand, this is the first time a Porsche costs less than five million baht.

How much is a Porsche 911 in Thailand?

Porsche 911 Price

The 911 is priced between ฿9.9 Million and ฿22 Million.

How much is a Porsche Cayenne in Thailand?

Porsche Cayenne Price

The Cayenne is priced between ฿11.33 Million and ฿95 Million.

How much does Porsches cost?

911 Carrera Models: starting at $97,400 MSRP. 911 Carrera T Models: starting at $102,100 MSRP. 911 Targa 4 Models: starting at $110,300 MSRP. 911 GTS Models: starting at $120,700 MSRP.

What is the cheapest new Porsche?


  • Least Expensive: The Macan compact SUV is the least expensive way to get into a Porsche. …
  • Most Expensive: Starting at over $220,000, the Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet puts a hefty price tag on mind-boggling performance.
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How is Porsche pronounced?

In proper German pronunciation, Porsche is pronounced “Por-shuh” or “Por-sha” pronounced in the phonetic alphabet as “pɔɐ̯ʃə”, again with a stressed, flattened “e” instead of a “silent e” in typical American English pronunciation.

How much is a 2020 Porsche 911 Turbo S?

The new 992-Series 911 Turbo S starts at $203,500, and the Cabriolet jumps to $216,300. That’s serious dinero, but it’s also a serious performer – a sprint to 60 mph takes just 2.6 seconds thanks to the 640-horsepower mill hiding under that big rear spoiler.

What is the price of Porsche 911?

Porsche 911 is a Coupe available in a price range of ₹ 1.64 – 3.08 Crore. It is available in 5 variants, 1 engine option.

What is a Porsche Targa?

Targa top, or targa for short, is a semi-convertible car body style with a removable roof section and a full width roll bar behind the seats. The term was first used on the 1966 Porsche 911 Targa, and it remains a registered trademark of Porsche AG.

Which is better Porsche Cayenne or Macan?

The Porsche Cayenne wins the horsepower wars with its choice of three energetic engines. … The Porsche Macan flexes less muscle with a standard turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that’s good for 248 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque.

What is a Cayenne S?

The Porsche Cayenne is a series of mid-size luxury crossover sport utility vehicles manufactured by the German automaker Porsche since 2002, with North American sales beginning in 2003. It is the first V8-engined vehicle built by Porsche since 1995, when the Porsche 928 was discontinued.

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What is a Porsche hybrid?

Porsche offers both all-electric and plug-in hybrid models. Electric cars (also known as BEV = Battery Electric Vehicles) are fitted with an electric motor and a battery. … Plug-in hybrid cars (also known as PHEV = Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles) are fitted with an electric motor, a battery and a combustion engine.

What is the cheapest used Porsche?

These Are the Cheapest Porsches For Sale on Autotrader

  • 1986 Porsche 944 — $4,987. This is the single cheapest Porsche on Autotrader: a white 1986 944 Coupe with 99,200 miles. …
  • 2002 Porsche Boxster — $5,295. …
  • 2004 Porsche Cayenne S — $6,405. …
  • 1987 Porsche 924 S — $6,997. …
  • 1985 Porsche 928 S — $6,999. …
  • 1999 Porsche 911 — $8,902.


Why are used Porsche so expensive?

Low production numbers, high quality materials, and a highly paid experts that manufacture the cars. The cost of a Porsche sport car may not be anymore money than what Chevy spends on a Corvette. But Chevy can spread that cost based on the 10 million cars it built last year.

Which Porsche model is the best?

The 15 Best Porsche Ever Made

  • Porsche Carrera GT.
  • Porsche 986 Boxster.
  • Porsche 928.
  • Porsche 930 911 Turbo.
  • Porsche 935.
  • Porsche 956/962.
  • Porsche Cayman GT4.
  • Porsche 911 GT1.


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