How many people pass driving test first Singapore?

Class 3 Total Tested Total Passed
First time test takers 30706 13561
Test re-takers 17332 8933
Total 48038 22494

Can you pass your driving test first time?

Passing the driving test first time is more likely than most people think. For many driving test centres, for first time applicants, they have over a 50% pass rate as can be seen in the official first time driving test pass rates.

How many people take their driving test?

1,000,000 market and customer data sets.

Characteristic Tests taken Tests passed
2019/20 1,599,566 734,600
2018/19 1,664,219 761,972
2017/18 1,718,519 795,892
2016/17 1,730,936 815,168

What percentage of people pass their second driving test?

What do the stats tell us?

1st attempt 46.7%
2nd attempt 47.6%
3rd attempt 46.8%
4th attempt 45.6%

Is passing driving test hard?

The driving test really is unlike any other test you’re likely to take. It has so many potential pitfalls, high stress and nerves with an examiner sitting right next to you.

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What are fails on a driving test?

Here are the most common faults made during driving tests between 4 December 2017 and 3 December 2018.

  • Junctions: observation. …
  • Mirrors: change direction. …
  • Control: steering. …
  • Junctions: turning right. …
  • Move off: safely. …
  • Response to signs: traffic lights. …
  • Move off: control. …
  • Positioning: normal driving.

How many people pass driving first?

But rookie success is on the rise: the first-time pass rate has risen 3.3% in the last 10 years. Plus, more newbies are driving away with a new licence and a clean sheet: the number of people who pass their test with zero faults has more than doubled since 2007/08 (up from 4,166 to 10,029 in 2018/19).

Where is the highest pass rate for driving tests?

The easiest and hardest places to pass your driving test

  • Belvedere, Greater London: 28% pass rate.
  • Garston, Liverpool: 30%
  • Wanstead, Greater London: 32%
  • Barnet, Greater London: 33%
  • Erith, Greater London: 33%
  • Cheetham Hill, Greater Manchester: 33%
  • Birmingham (South Yardley), West Midlands: 34%

What is the failure rate for driving test?

A driver’s licence is a key step towards gaining your freedom and independence. In 2017 a government survey found over 233,000 driving tests were attempted in NSW alone, only 58% of these tests resulted in a pass, whereas our EzLicence learners passed at a rate of more than 90%.

Do the best drivers pass second time?

Researchers found that motorists who pass their driving test on their second attempt are the safest drivers, have fewer points on their licence, are less likely to suffer road rage or be stopped by police.

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How do I not fail my driving test?

15 Driving test tips to help you pass first time

  1. Be on time.
  2. Have a lesson beforehand.
  3. Check you have everything you need.
  4. Use your instructor’s car.
  5. Take your instructor along for reassurance.
  6. Ask your examiner to repeat, if you need.
  7. Don’t assume you’ve failed.
  8. Choose where you want to take your test.


What is the average pass rate for driving test?

The average pass rate across the country stands at 47%—but where you take your test can have a big impact on your chances of passing.

What is the hardest part of a driving test?

The hardest part of passing a driving test isn’t remembering to signal, doing head checks, or reverse parking. No, the hardest part is dealing with the nerves of driving a car while having your every move monitored by an examiner, and knowing that a few mistakes could cause you to fail your test.

What country has the hardest driving test?

Where’s the hardest country to pass your driving test?

  • UK Driving Test – legal age: 17. …
  • Sweden Driving Test – legal age: 18. …
  • Australia Driving Test – legal age: 16. …
  • Pakistan Driving Test – legal age:18.

Can I pass driving test without lessons?

You may be surprised to learn that it is possible to take your driving test without any prior lessons. According to the official DVSA website, there is currently no minimum number of lessons you must have in order to take the test. … In short, yes, you can take your driving test without lessons.

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