How many parks and gardens are there in Singapore?

With over 300 parks and 4 Nature reserves, Singapore national parks map is a testament to its high green quotient.

How many gardens does Singapore have?

15 Tranquil Gardens & Parks in Singapore.

What are the different parks in Singapore?

Parks and Reserves around Singapore:

  • Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park.
  • MacRitchie Reservoir Park.
  • Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.
  • Fort Canning Park.
  • The Learning Forest.
  • Sembawang Hot Spring Park.
  • Lower Seletar Reservoir Park.
  • Kranji Marshes.


Which is the biggest park in Singapore?

East Coast Park takes the trophy for being Singapore’s largest park, covering nearly 185 hectares (457 acres) of reclaimed waterfront land.

What is the most famous park in Singapore?

East Coast Park is not only the most popular, but also the largest (1.85sqkm) park in Singapore. It was built on reclaimed land and offers various activities from water sports to cycling, rollerblading, bowling as well as an 18-hole indoor mini-golf course.

What is the famous garden in Singapore?

Singapore Botanic Gardens
Coordinates 1.3151°N 103.8162°ECoordinates:1.3151°N 103.8162°E
Area 82 hectares (202.63 acres)
Created 1859
Operated by NParks
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What is Singapore known for?

Here are 11 things that Singapore is best known for.

  • Being super clean. …
  • Greenery amidst the city. …
  • That ban on chewing gum. …
  • The Marina Bay Skyline. …
  • Fines and corporal punishment. …
  • Inventing the Singapore Sling. …
  • Year round summer (and stickiness) …
  • The land of shopping malls.

Are there nice beaches in Singapore?

Does Singapore have good beaches? Yes, some of the beaches in Singapore are popular owing to the views and activities they offer to the visitors. There are east coast beaches and there beaches on Sentosa Island.

Does Singapore have theme parks?

Singapore is a small island country, located in Southeast Asia. This page lists all of the theme parks and similar attractions located in Singapore, including amusement parks, animal theme parks, water parks, and more. There are currently 16 of these in total.

How many parks does Singapore have?

With over 300 parks and 4 Nature reserves, Singapore national parks map is a testament to its high green quotient.

What are the tourist spots in Singapore?

18 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Singapore

  • Marina Bay Sands. Marina Bay Sands. …
  • Gardens by the Bay. Gardens by the Bay. …
  • Botanic Gardens. Botanic Gardens. …
  • Singapore Zoo. Singapore Zoo. …
  • Orchard Road. Orchard Road | Jack / photo modified. …
  • Singapore Flyer. Singapore Flyer. …
  • Raffles Hotel Singapore. Raffles Hotel Singapore. …
  • Chinatown.


How many reservoirs does Singapore have?

There are 17 reservoirs in Singapore.

What are the 4 nature reserves in Singapore?

These reserves include:

  • Bukit Timah Nature Reserve (163 hectares)
  • Central Catchment Nature Reserve (3,043 hectares)
  • Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve (131 hectares)
  • Labrador Nature Reserve (10 hectares)
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Where can I explore nature in Singapore?

The best natural landmarks in Singapore

  • Photograph: Delfina Utomo. Coney Island. …
  • Photograph: Delfina Utomo. Tampines Eco Green. …
  • Photo: Delfina Utomo. Thomson Nature Park. …
  • Photo: Urban Redevelopment Authority. Kranji Marshes. …
  • Photograph: Shutterstock. …
  • Hindhede Quarry. …
  • Photo: Dreamstime. …
  • Photograph: Supplied.


How many hills are there in Singapore?

How many hills are there in Singapore? There are about 11 hills in Singapore that are accessible.

Is Singapore a Garden City?

Singapore calls itself the Garden City, and it’s making good on that promise. … New developments must include plant life, in the form of green roofs, cascading vertical gardens, and verdant walls. The push to go green extends to construction as well—green building has been mandatory since 2008.

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