How many dams does Singapore have?

There are 17 reservoirs in Singapore.

Which are the 3 oldest reservoirs?

Escape to the Reservoirs!

  • #1 MacRitchie Reservoir. This beauty is the oldest and biggest reservoir in Singapore (completed in 1868), sitting smack dab in the middle of the country. …
  • #2 Bedok Reservoir. …
  • #3 Lower Peirce Reservoir. …
  • #4 Lower Seletar Reservoir. …
  • #5 The Marina Barrage.


What is Singapore’s largest reservoir?

Marina Reservoir is the only reservoir located in the centre of the city. It is also the largest reservoir, with a catchment area of 10,000ha, or one-sixth the size of Singapore.

Are Singapore reservoirs man made?

Aside from their magnificent attractions like the beaches in Sentosa Island, Museum, Botanical Gardens and zoos, who would have ever imagine that a small country like Singapore has a lake to show off; however, these are man-made settings located in the Botanical Garden of the country.

How many reservoirs did Singapore have in the 1960s?

This is a snapshot of Singapore’s quest for water security. In 2008, the Marina Barrage was built to create the Marina Reservoir – our 15th reservoir. reservoirs – up from three in the 1960s.

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Does Singapore have any dams?

The following is a list of reservoirs in Singapore.


Name Bedok Reservoir
Surface area (Total) 88 ha
Storage capacity (m3) 12,800,000
Period of construction 1981-1986
Construction order 14

Is the longest river in Singapore?

The Kallang River (Chinese: 加冷河, Malay: Sungei Kallang) is the longest river in Singapore, flowing for 10 kilometers. from the Lower Peirce Reservoir (originally named “Kallang River Reservoir”) to the Kallang Basin.

What is the largest heritage tree in Singapore?

S/N Species Girth size (m)
1 Adansonia digitata (Baobab) 4.4
2 Adenanthera pavonina (Saga Daun Tumpul) 4.68
3 Alangium ridleyi (Mentulang Daun Lebar) 2.23
4 Albizia lebbekoides (Tekik) 5.89

Is Singapore tap water NEWater?

NEWater is one of Singapore’s four national taps. … In fact, NEWater is cleaner than PUB water. Here’s why. Note: PUB Water/Tap Water is well within the World Health Organisation (WHO) drinking water guidelines, and is suitable for drinking without further filtration.

How much water does Singapore use a day?

Singapore uses about 430 million gallons of water per day, and this could double by 2060 – that’s 782 Olympic-sized swimming pools! Water is a precious and scarce resource for Singapore, and our water supply remains vulnerable to factors such as climate change.

Is collecting rainwater illegal in Singapore?

Instead, it shall be discharged into a watercourse or other collection medium in accordance to the allowable discharge limits stipulated in Singapore Standard SS593: Code of Practice for Pollution Control. a) The collected rainwater is only allowed for non-potable use within the owner’s own premises.

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Are reservoirs deep?

It can be deep. You cannot tell how deep the water is and there are often sudden drops which you cannot see. Reservoirs are often in isolated places. … The sides of reservoirs are very steep in places, making it difficult to climb out.

Why are there so many reservoirs in Singapore?

With an area of about 710 km2 and growing urban areas, Singapore lacks the space to collect and store all the rain that falls on it. Through a network of rivers, canals and drains, rain that falls on two-thirds of Singapore’s land area is channelled to our 17 reservoirs.

Is Singapore water self sufficient?

Singapore has achieved self-reliance in water and is building more capacity to meet a projected doubling in demand in the next 45 years, a minister said. [SINGAPORE] Singapore has achieved self-reliance in water and is building more capacity to meet a projected doubling in demand in the next 45 years, a minister said.

How does Singapore treat sewage?

The DTSS uses deep tunnel sewers to convey used water entirely by gravity to centralised WRPs located at the coastal areas. The used water is then treated and further purified into ultra-clean, high-grade reclaimed water called NEWater, with excess treated effluent discharged to the sea.

How deep are reservoirs in Singapore?

These are the Kranji, Pandan, Sarimbun, Lower Seletar, Punggol, Serangoon, Marina, Poyan, Tengah and Jurong Lake reservoirs. The samples will be taken from the reservoir beds, at 0.9m, 1.9m, 2.9m below the bed, and, if possible, at every 3m, up to a depth of about 30m.

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