How do you get engaged in Singapore?

Can foreigners marry in Singapore?

Answer: Two foreigners can marry in Singapore if they have met the rules and requirements for marriage. Please visit the Registry of Marriages’ (ROM) website for the rules and requirements.

How fast can you get married in Singapore?

It’s also necessary to file a notice of marriage. After filing a notice, you can get married anytime after 21 days to 12 months. Moreover, you will receive a notice number, which can be used to make important changes like solemnization date, time, place, witnesses, or Solemnizer.

Who can solemnize a marriage in Singapore?

Every marriage solemnized in Singapore shall be void unless it is solemnized on the authority of a valid licence or special marriage licence and by a person granted a licence to solemnize marriages. Every marriage shall be solemnized in the presence of at least 2 credible witnesses above 21 years old.

How do you engage Solemnizer?

2. Invite a Solemnizer near your home (inform him/her of your marriage details such as venue, date and time). 3. Download and Print the “INVITATION TO SOLEMNIZE A MARRIAGE” form (also known as ‘Solemnizer Consent Form’) and make arrangements directly with him/her to sign the form.

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Non- Muslim groom marriages are shunned upon but allowed after 1 year of proper conversion courses. There is no restriction on interfaith marriages in Singapore apart from Muslim Marriages. Certain rules may apply for Muslim and Jewish marriage.

How can I marry a foreigner in Singapore?

The process of a foreigner marrying a Singaporean

  1. Both parties must usually be over the age of 21. …
  2. Same-sex marriage is not allowed.
  3. If either of the couple if not a Singapore citizen or PR, one of you must be physically in Singapore for 15 days prior to applying for a marriage license.


What documents do I need to get married in Singapore?

You will need to enter details such as the:

  • NRICs/passports of both the bride and groom.
  • NRICs/passports of 2 witnesses, both of whom must be over 21 years of age.
  • Solemnisation date and time.
  • Address of the solemnisation venue.
  • Name and license number of your solemniser if you are not getting married at the ROM.

Can I get married in 2 different countries?

No, if you live in the US or the western world, it is illegal to marry two people. It’s called polygamy. So if you marry someone who is already married then your marriage would not be legal. If you are dating a married man or woman you have no legal options available to you.

How much does it cost to get married in Singapore?

Average Cost of a Wedding in Singapore

Wedding Costs Lower Range Upper Range
Dowry S$500 S$5,000
Solemnisation S$1,000 S$5,000
Wedding Banquet S$18,000 (S$1,200 x 15 tables) S$40,200 (S$1,340 x 30 tables)
Wedding photography S$2,500 S$4,000
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Can Singaporean marry maid?

Briefly, FDWs are subject to the Marriage Restriction Policy, which forbids any migrant worker on a Work Permit from marrying a Singaporean Citizen or Permanent Resident without prior approval from the Ministry of Manpower[1], while the pregnancy restrictions refer to a clause in the terms of the Work Permit which …

Can 2 foreigners get married in Singapore?

Although in most marriages involving expats, one of the spouses is a Singaporean citizen, two foreigners can marry in Singapore as well provided they meet the above requirements, and one of them stayed 15 days before sending a marriage application.

How can I marry a foreign girl?

A fiancé (K-1) visa grants permission to a non-U.S. citizen who is engaged to marry a U.S. citizen to enter the United States for the purpose of getting married. In order for your fiancé to get a K-1 visa, you will need to file a petition on Form I-129F with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

How much should I pay my Solemnizer?

It is customary to give your solemnizer a red packet. On average, people give about $80 – $120. The minimum amount is $50, as per the guidelines on the ROM website. If your solemnization venue is not at ROM, do accommodate the transportation cost.

How long is ROM ceremony?

How long is the solemnization ceremony? The formal solemnization ceremony takes 10 to 20 minutes if held outside the ROM, and about 5 minutes if held within the ROM.

When should I apply for ROM?

Apply For The Notice of Marriage

First things first, you need to apply for the notice of marriage, and you can do so online at the Registry of Marriages website or at the web kiosks located at ROM. However, do take note that you can only do so at least 21 days or up to three months before the date of solemnisation.

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