How can I get flowers delivered in Singapore?

Where can I buy flowers online in Singapore?

Affordable florists and flower delivery in Singapore

  • Flower Chimp – classy bouquets and chocolate boxes for all occasions. …
  • FARM Florist – bouquets from $25 with free delivery within 1 hour. …
  • Little Flower Hut – 24/7 flower delivery within 1 hour.


Can you send flowers to Singapore?

Yes, we do send flowers to Singapore. You can also attach a greeting card to the bouquet!

Where can I buy flowers in Singapore?

The Top 12 Shops for the Best Cheap Flowers in Singapore

  • Flower Chimp.
  • Windflower Florist.
  • Floral Garage.
  • A Better Florist.
  • Farm Florist.
  • The Enchanted Tree.
  • The Bloom Box.
  • Urban Meadow Flowers.


What is the best online flower delivery?

The Best Flower Delivery Services for Every Occasion (That You Can Order Online)

  • Best Overall: 1-800-Flowers. …
  • Best Selection: FTD. …
  • Best for Convenience: Amazon. …
  • Best for Succulents: Lula’s Garden. …
  • Best for Same-Day Delivery: ProFlowers. …
  • Best Budget Pick: UrbanStems. …
  • Best Presentation: Farmgirl Flowers.
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What is the cheapest flower delivery?

Best cheap flower delivery

  1. Floom. Floom is one of the biggest names in the flower delivery game right now. …
  2. The Bouqs Co. This is farm to table for the flower industry. …
  3. Teleflora. …
  4. Ode à la Rose. …
  5. FTD. …
  6. ProFlowers. …
  7. From You Flowers. …


How much is flowers in Singapore?

14 Best florists for affordable bouquets under $50

Cheap Flower Delivery Cheapest bouquet price Delivery fee
Windflower Florist $33 Free
The Bloom Box $35 Free
Green Acres $37.50 $10 and up
Lilas Blooms $38 $15

What is Singapore national flower?

Singapore’s National Flower: The Hybrid Orchid.

What flowers can grow in Singapore?

Top 7 Flowers That Grow In Singapore

  • Roses. Rose is a perennial flowering plant that belongs to the genus Rosa in the family Rosaceae. …
  • Lilies. Lily is a flowering plant that belongs to the family Liliaceae and can survive for more than two years in the wild. …
  • Peonies. …
  • Orchids. …
  • Frangipani. …
  • Jasmine. …
  • Hibiscus.


Why are flowers so expensive?

You will pay for the cost of shipping the flowers to the florist (built into the price), and then you will probably pay an additional delivery fee. Delivery fees for flowers are quite high. … The reason delivery on flowers is so expensive is that there are just not enough of them going around for the price to be lowered.

Where can I buy fake flowers in Singapore? is a leading wholesaler and retailer in premium quality artificial flowers due to the following reasons: As one of the largest wholesale suppliers of artificial flowers online in Singapore, we have an extensive collection to choose from.

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Where can I buy flowers in Tampines?

Arty Flower Shop at 822 Tampines Street 81, Singapore 520822. Bee Flowers and Gifts at 9012 Tampines Street 93, Singapore 528845. Flower Matters at Tampines 1 Shopping Mall 10 Tampines Central 1, Singapore 529536. Xpressflower at Tampines Mall, 4 Tampines Central 5, #B1-K25, 529510.

Where can I buy one stalk of roses in Singapore?

You can also order a single stalk rose from your Little Flower Hut local flower delivery in Singapore and have it delivered to the recipient’s address. You can also opt to have the single stalk rose wrapped in a clear plastic wrapper tied with a simple ribbon.

Does 1800 Flowers use local florists?

At 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, we pride ourselves in helping our customers deliver a smile with our truly original arrangements. We work closely with our local florists to ensure that they select the best and freshest flowers available; therefore, colors and varieties may vary at times.

How does flower delivery work?

Courier-delivered flowers (also sometimes called grower-direct or Flowers By Post) are assembled into bunches at the farm or in the warehouse of an importer or distributor; they are then placed in cardboard boxes and shipped direct to the recipient via overnight couriers.

Is 1800flowers better than ProFlowers? has an overall score of 4.9, based on 85 ratings on Knoji. ProFlowers ( is an extremely popular flower delivery site which competes against brands like Urbanstems, Teleflora and From You Flowers. … ProFlowers has an overall score of 4.5, based on 67 ratings on Knoji.

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