How are Indonesian masks made?

The masks are made by carving a slab of soft wood with a carving knife. … Some masks are coloured with paint and gouache. The masks are normally enhanced with gems or studs. Cirebon is located in the West province of Java, and like most cities of Indonesia it also has a Topeng dance.

What is an Indonesian mask?

The mask is, therefore, a medium for ancestral spirits to reside or visit the physical world as it represents the divine beings or energies in a physical form. …

What is the Barong mask made out of?

The mask of the Barong is made from pule wood, a special wood believed to have magical properties. The other parts such as the hair also comes from special materials such as peacock feathers and horse mane.

What do Balinese masks represent?

Barong, masked figure, usually representing an unidentified creature called keket, who appears at times of celebration in Bali, Indonesia. For the Balinese, Barong is the symbol of health and good fortune, in opposition to the witch, Rangda (also known as Calonarang).

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Where in Indonesia can you find traditional masks?

Bali is an island that represents a very small part of Indonesia, and yet they produce many beautiful masks for their traditional dance dramas and the many tourist that visit.

Are all Indonesian masks the same?

Balinese masks come in all shapes and sizes with everything from human faces to animal figures. While each Balinese mask is individually designed, some styles are used regularly to portray emotions such as angriness, calmness or being in love.

Who wears Javanese masks?

I had seen the same scene in photographs from 100 years ago, the only thing that seemed to have changed was the clothing the people were wearing. Javanese masks are traditionally used for dance performances, called Topeng in Indonesian.

Who defeated Rangda?

Meanwhile, Barong and the priest cast protective magic on these men, which makes them invulnerable to sharp objects. The dance ends with the final battle between Barong and Rangda, concluding with the victory of Barong over Rangda.

Who invented barong?

Meanwhile, some sources claim the guayabera, a traditional Latin American garment, was also inspired by the Barong Tagalog. The guayabera is widely known to have originated in Cuba in the 1880s, but sources make note of the arrival of the barong (invented two centuries prior) in Mexico and later, Cuba.

What do masks symbolize?

Masks usually represent supernatural beings, ancestors, and fanciful or imagined figures, and they can also be portraits. The localization of a particular spirit in a specific mask must be considered a highly significant reason for its existence.

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What are traditional Indonesian masks used for?

Indonesian Masks come in a variety of different forms. The aim of these masks is to scare off evil spirits, to connect with ancestors, cure sickness and to prevent natural disasters like floods, famine and drought. . There are different forms of these masks in different parts of Indonesia.

What are Native American masks used for?

Indian or Native American masks were made for ceremonies, decoration, war rituals, shaman rituals, rituals initiating young man into the tribe, in healing rituals, in entertainment, given as gifts and spiritual rituals.

What do you call that famous wooden mask and sculpture in Indonesia?

This carved, wooden mask represents the mythical creature known in Bali as Banaspati Raja, meaning “King of the Forest,” also called the Barong Ket. … Although Barong masks have become popular items among foreign collectors, to the Balinese they are much more than objects of aesthetic merit.

What are Bali masks made of?

Sacred masks must be made from crocodile wood (pule), a tree that grows in cemeteries, the domain of the goddess Rangda. The whole tree isn’t cut down. When the pule tree produces a knot, the maskmaker asks the spirit of the tree to be allowed to take the knot for a mask.

Where is Bali located?

Bali, island and propinsi (or provinsi; province) in the Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia. It is situated 1 mile (1.6 km) east of the island of Java, separated by the narrow Bali Strait.

When did Balinese masks start?

The origin, according to lontar palm leaf books, is 840 AD and possibly earlier. Topeng is Javanese for “mask.” The stories are about the early genealogical histories of the early kingdoms of Bali and Java.

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