Frequent question: Who is considered the greatest Muay Thai fighter of all time?

Samart Payakaroon has a well deserved reputation for being the greatest Muay Thai fighter of all time. He won his first Lumpinee titles fighting at minimumweight (105 lbs) in 1980 and would go on to win Lumpinee titles as a light flyweight (108 lbs), super flyweight (115 lbs) and featherweight (126 lbs).

Who is the number 1 Muay Thai fighter?

1. Rodtang Jitmuangnon. The current pound-for-pound king, Rodtang Jitmuangnon is one of the most popular fighters in the Muay Thai scene right now.

Which Muay Thai fighter has the most wins?

Sakmongkol is known as one of the legendary Muay Thai fighters of all time, defeating other Muay Thai greats as Ramon Dekkers, Danny Bill, Perry Ubeda, John Wayne Parr, Jongsanan Fairtex, Peter Crooke and many others. His record stands at 231 wins, 4 draws, and 20 losses.

Which country has the best Muay Thai fighters?

While there are high-level fighters who come from the America, as a whole, North Americans have been behind the rest of the world forever. Countries like France, England, Australia, Russia, Sweden, and many Eastern European countries have continually produced some of the top Muay Thai fighters outside of Thailand.

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Who is the goat of Muay Thai?

Samart Payakaroon

Samart is often cited as the best Muay Thai fighter of all time, the GOAT in Muay Thai. He was both the Sugar Ray Robinson and Muhammad Ali of Muay Thai.

Why are Muay Thai fighters skinny?

Why are Muay Thai fighters so skinny? Muay Thai fighters are skinny because muay thai training is not designed for increasing muscle mass. It is designed to be quick and to develop endurance. Any extra body weight would slow down the fighter.

Who is the current Muay Thai world champion?

The WBC MuayThai is active in over sixty-five countries and territories around the world promoting the sport, culture, and rich heritage of MuayThai.

Diamond world champions.

Weight Class Champion Date Won
Super Lightweight Saenchai PKSaenchaimuaythaigym August 14, 2011
Super Lightweight Singdam Kiatmuu9 July 27, 2019

Is Muay Thai the most dangerous?

Getty Though an ancient form of fighting, Muay Thai is a popular sport in modern Thailand. It is still extremely dangerous. Boxing gloves don’t offer much protection – or soften the blow – from a knee to the ribs.

Who’s the greatest kickboxer of all time?

So, Who Are the Best Kickboxers in History?

  • Rico Verhoeven. …
  • Buakaw Banchamek. …
  • Robin van Roosmalen. …
  • Cris ‘Cyborg’ Justino Venancio. …
  • Ernesto Hoost. …
  • Sittichai Sitsongpeenong. …
  • Semmy Schilt. …
  • Ramon Dekkers. An eight-time Muay Thai world champion, Ramon Dekkers was just an incredible fighter to watch.


Who is the greatest kickboxer of all time?

Greatest Kickboxers of All Time

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1 Buakaw Banchamek
2 Badri Hari
3 Giorgio Petrosyan
4 Semmy Schilt
5 Ernesto Hoost

Who is the most famous Thai boxer?

Thailand’s 10 Most Legendary Muay Thai Fighters

  • Samart Payakaroon. A Muay Thai legend, Samart’s prowess in the ring saw him win 4 Lumpinee belts as well as becoming a WBC world boxing champion. …
  • Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn. …
  • Saenchai. …
  • Tongchai Tor Silachai. …
  • Sagat Petchyindee. …
  • Pud Pad Noy Worawoot. …
  • Somrak Kamsing. …
  • Apidej Sit-Hirun.

Who is the best American Muay Thai fighter?

John Wayne Parr

John Wayne is probably the best known name in Muay Thai.

Who is the best Muay Thai fighter 2021?

Rodtang Jitmuangnon

Rodtang is one of the biggest Muay Thai stars today. Training out of the famed Jitmuangnon camp, the 21 year-old is a 2-time Omnoi Stadium champion, and current ONE Championship Muay Thai champion. He is best known for his hard hands and lungs of steel.

Does Muay Thai have belts?

Muay Thai, as it is practiced in Thailand, does not have a belt or ranking system the way Karate, Taekwondo or Judo do. Like western boxing, the sport of Muay Thai does not confer ranks to an athlete but let their fight records speak for themselves.

Who has beat saenchai?

On November 23, 2019, Saenchai defeated Alejandro Amicucci of Argentina via 1st-round KO in the THAI FIGHT 70 kg King’s Cup Tournament Semi Finals at THAI FIGHT Mae Sot 2019, advancing to the Tournament Final.

How old are Muay Thai fighters?

Thai fighters are usually at their peak at 18-24, but it also depends on their fighting style and how they take care of their body.

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