Can you identify the musical instrument of Myanmar?

A “harp” is called Saung in Myanmar.

What is the musical instrument of Myanmar?

The saung-gauk is the national musical instrument of Burma and evidence exists of it being continuously played since the 8th century, predominantly in the chamber music of the Royal Court.

What are the two types of musical instruments of Myanmar?

About the Musical Instruments. There are five kinds of musical instruments, namely, kyay ( alloy containing copper ), kyo ( strings), tha-yay(hide), lay (air) and lekkoke (clapper). Myanmar musical instruments can be further categorized into two kinds, such as concert ( anyeint) and orchestra ( saing-waing).

What are the different classification of instruments in Myanmar?


  • Thaye : Instruments made of leather.
  • Kyey : Metal instruments.
  • Kyo : String instruments.
  • Lei: Wind instruments.
  • Let Khoke : Percussion instruments.
  • Patala : Xylophone.

Is the unique musical instrument in Myanmar?

The Bamboo Xylophone (or) the Pattalar that is known in Myanmar language as an ancient musical instrument with the sound box underneath. with the seven graduated keys. it can produce melodious and unique sounds to the ears. Later on.

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Is Myanmar poor or rich?

Myanmar is Asia’s seventh-poorest country. Myanmar’s per capita GDP is $1,207, just above Cambodia’s. About 26% of the population lives in poverty, and poverty is twice as high in rural areas, where about 70% of the population lives.

Which country is Kulintang?


Kulintang ensemble
Stylistic origins Music of Southeast Asia • Music of Philippines • Music of Brunei• Music of Indonesia • Music of Malaysia
Cultural origins Philippines and Indonesia
Typical instruments Kulintang • Agung • Gandingan • Babendil • Dabakan

What are the kinds of musical?

Different Types of Musical

  • Book Musical. A book musical is defined as performance where musical numbers and dances are fully integrated into a proper narrative with defined dramatic goals. …
  • Jukebox Musical. …
  • Revue. …
  • Concept Musicals. …
  • Rock Musical / Rock Opera.

What can you say about Myanmar literature?

Burmese literature also known as Burma or Myanmar literature is from the influenced of Indian and Thai culture literary work. Burmese literature tends to reflect to their own traditional beliefs, customs, culture and stories passed through generations.

What are the six elements of music?

This series introduces the six key elements of music including rhythm, texture, dynamics, pitch, form, and timbre.

How many types of musical instruments are there?

There are mainly 4 types of musical instruments: Stringed musical instruments. Wind musical instruments.

Plate type musical instruments.

Instrument Name Parts which Produces Sound
Piano Stretched string
Sitar Stretched string
Flute Air Column
Shehnai Air Column

What classification of musical instrument is Saung Gauk?

String instrumentPizzicato

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How many groups of Myanmar musical instruments are there?

Traditionally, the instruments are classified into five groups called pyissin turiya (ပဉ္စင်တူရိယာ). These instruments are played on a musical scale consisting of seven tones, each associated with an animal that is said to be the producer of the tone.

How do you call a lip Valley Flute of Cordillera?

The paldong is a traditional lip-valley flute of the Kalinga tribes in the Philippines.

How important is the Myanmar show in music?

Answer: People sing together, dance together, in every culture and for most people, music is an important part of daily life. Myanmar people are no different. It also forms the basis of shared tradition of the chamber music ensemble,the Hsaing ensemble, as well as that of solo instrument performances such as the piano.

In what country have musical instruments like Pat waing?

Hall music in Myanmar is referred locally by many names but is usually based on the name or type of gong, drum or drums used as the principal instrument such as the Pat Waing or Hsaing Waing ensemble.

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