Best answer: How do I get to Rabbit Island Cambodia?

How to Get to Rabbit Island. Boats leave from Kep’s main port, and a return ticket costs $20. The journey takes 20-minutes on a motorised wooden boat; the calming waters slowly edging you towards a paradise. Keep your return ticket, from which you can leave the island at any point.

How do you get to Rabbit Island?

Rabbit Island is a small patch of land in the sea off the coast of southern Cambodia. From the town of Kep, it’s accessible only by boat through choppy but refreshing waters. With only a few backpackers and a few backpacks as its cargo, the boat takes just 30 minutes to glide to the island.

Where is Rabbit Island in Cambodia?

Things to See and Do – Kampot, Cambodia

Rabbit Island is a small tropical island located about 20-40 minutes south of Kep by local boat. The island is blessedly undeveloped and lacks most services except for some rustic bungalows and a couple of rudimentary beach shack restaurants.

Can you stay on Rabbit Island?

Rabbit Island Glamping is open for winter stays, but bear in mind that you’re booking an outdoor escape – without the usual luxuries of a fully powered home. Glamping is still a form of camping!

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Is Rabbit Island worth visiting?

The island was chosen as a secret military installation for good reason–it’s not especially easy to get to. So while the island is popular, it’s not as crowded as you might expect for such a well-known destination, especially on weekdays. That said, it’s well worth the trip if you’re in the area!

How much is the ferry to Rabbit Island?

The ferry comes about every hour. It costs approximately 300 yen (one way) to get to the island. You can buy a round trip ticket from the machine. The ferry ride was quite short – about 15-20minutes.

Is Cambodia a country?

Cambodia, country on the Indochinese mainland of Southeast Asia. Cambodia is largely a land of plains and great rivers and lies amid important overland and river trade routes linking China to India and Southeast Asia.

Who owns Pepin Island?

The island was named by the French explorer Jules Dumont d’Urville after his wife, Adèle Pépin. In 1996, the island was bought by the German businesswoman Dr Viola von Hohenzollern (née Hallman) for NZ$2 million.

Can you take rabbits from Rabbit Island?

The constant influx of tourists willing to spoil the rabbits has precipitated an unsustainable population boom of rabbits. There are no cages and the rabbits aren’t kept as pets, in fact, officials on the island warn people not to pick up or hold the rabbits, as they often will struggle to break free.

Do Japanese eat rabbit?

It’s a similar issue to eating dogs, or for many Japanese people eating a rabbit would be a no-no as they see it as a cute pet. Basashi can be found all across Japan. You can also find cooked horse meat dishes like stews.

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What do you need for a bunny?

Rabbit Supply Checklist

  1. Indoor housing. Get a puppy pen 36 inches or higher so your rabbit can’t jump out. …
  2. Wire covers. Plastic sleeves can be neatly connected to your wall. …
  3. Furniture / baseboard protection. …
  4. Puppy pens / baby gates. …
  5. Litter box. …
  6. Rabbit-safe litter. …
  7. Food / water bowls. …
  8. Hay feeder.
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