Your question: How many water dams are in the Philippines?

The Philippines has a population of more than 100 million and there are 15 large dams in operation. The country’s dams have a total water storage volume of 8.67 x 109 m3.

What are the 15 dam in the Philippines?

Dams in the Philippines: Magat Dam, San Roque Dam, Lake Lanao, La Mesa Watershed and Eco-Park, Angat Dam, Ambuklao Dam, Pantabangan Dam.

What is the biggest dam in Philippines?

The San Roque Dam, operated under San Roque Multipurpose Project (SRMP) is a 200-meter-tall, 1.2 kilometer long embankment dam on the Agno River. It is the largest dam in the Philippines and sixteenth largest in the world (see List of largest dams in the world).

What are the dams in Philippines?


Dam Name Elevation Spillway Gate Discharge
Caliraya 286.73 0.0000
Agus 4 359.27 106.0000
Lake Lanao 701.29 0.0000
Pulangi 4 285.50 43.8700

Which country have highest number of dams?

No country in history has built more dams than China. In fact, China today boasts more dams at home than the rest of the world combined.

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What are the 3 largest dams in the world?

List of largest dams

Rank Name Installed capacity [MW]
1 Tarbela Dam 4,888
2 Fort Peck Dam 185
3 Atatürk Dam 2,400
4 Houtribdijk

What is the use of dam in Philippines?

The Philippines has a number of large dams that serve as water reservoirs in various parts of the country. Water from these dams are controlled and have a number of important uses—domestic water supply, irrigation of farms and power generation, among others.

Which is the oldest dam?

The Quatinah Barrage or Lake Homs Dam, located in Syria, is the oldest operational dam in the world. The dam was constructed during the reign of the Egyptian Pharaoh Sethi between 1319-1304 BC, and was expanded during the Roman period and between 1934 and 1938.

What is the biggest dam in world?

Three Gorges Dam, China is the world’s largest hydroelectric facility. In 2012, the Three Gorges Dam in China took over the #1 spot of the largest hydroelectric dam (in electricity production), replacing the Itaipú hydroelectric power plant in Brazil and Paraguay.

What will happen if Magat dam breaks?

Ablan said if Magat Dam’s water breaches the spilling level of 193 meters above mean sea level, it might result in breakage of the reservoir, that would cause even more devastating floods. “It would mean damage and millions of affected so it is better to release (water).

What does DAM stand for?


Acronym Definition
DAMS Defense Acquisition Management System (US DoD)
DAMS Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome
DAMS Digital Asset Management System
DAMS Deputy Assistant Military Secretary
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What are the 10 largest dams in the world?

  • Kariba Dam, Zimbabwe. Kariba Dam is the world’s biggest dam based on water storage capacity. …
  • Bratsk Dam, Russia. …
  • Akosombo Dam, Ghana. …
  • Daniel Johnson Dam, Canada. …
  • Guri Dam, Venezuela. …
  • W.A.C Bennett Dam, Canada. …
  • Krasnoyarsk Dam, Russia. …
  • Robert-Bourassa Dam, Canada.


What is the biggest dam in Asia?

Interactive Table

Rank Name Country
1 Bakun Dam Malaysia
2 Three Gorges Dam China
3 Longtan Dam China
4 Nuozhadu Dam China

Which is largest dam in India?

Large Dam

# Name River
1 Tehri Dam Bhagirathi
2 Lakhwar Dam Yamuna
3 Idukki (Eb)/Idukki Arch Dam Periyar
4 Bhakra Dam Satluj

What is the biggest dam in the US?

Oroville Dam: Located on California’s Feather River, the Oroville Dam is the tallest dam in the United States at 770 feet. At its base, it extends for three-quarters of a mile.

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