Which airlines fly from Bangkok to Perth?

Can I fly from Bangkok to Perth?

It takes about 6 hours 48 minutes to fly from Bangkok (BKK) to Perth (PER).

Is Thai Airways still flying to Perth?

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Star Alliance member Thai Airways is shrinking its Australian route network – at least, for now – with all flights to Brisbane and Perth withdrawn from sale over the coming year. The airline’s Brisbane office will also close on December 18 2020, with all staff there made redundant.

Which airlines fly direct to Perth Australia?

Other airlines flying to Perth

Emirates flights British Airways flights
Singapore Airlines flights Malaysia Airlines flights
Qatar Airways flights Thai Airways flights
Cathay Pacific flights Air New Zealand flights
Etihad Airways flights South African Airways flights

Are Thai Airways still flying to Australia?

Thai Airways is the latest international airline to suspend flights to Australia and New Zealand due to the impact of the coronavirus on both passenger demand and Australia’s recently-imposed travel restrictions. …

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How far is Perth to Bangkok?

The calculation of flight time is based on the straight line distance from Perth, Australia to Bangkok, Thailand (“as the crow flies”), which is about 3,304 miles or 5 317 kilometers.

Is Thai Airways still flying?

Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) continues to operate regularly scheduled flights to and from Bangkok-Hong Kong and recommends that passengers arrive at the airport earlier than usual.

Which airline is flying out of Australia?

Qantas is the largest operating airline out of Australia, though other large carriers running international flights are Air New Zealand, Air Canada, United, Virgin Australia, JAL, Air China, Singapore Airlines, South African Airways, Emirates, and Etihad Airways.

What airlines are still flying to Bangkok?

Other airlines flying to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi

Emirates flights ANA (All Nippon Airways) flights
Qatar Airways flights Air India flights
Cathay Pacific flights Qantas flights
Etihad Airways flights China Eastern flights
Singapore Airlines flights China Southern flights

Can you fly direct to Perth Australia?

As with all Australian cities, there are no direct flights to Perth from the UK as a transit or change of aircraft will be necessary en route. … Perth is served by some of the world’s most popular airlines such as Qantas, Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific.

What is the longest direct flight?

The longest nonstop commercial flight in the world is scheduled at 17 hours and 50 minutes. This route from Los Angeles to Singapore serviced by United Airlines isn’t the longest by distance, but it has the longest duration due to commonly strong headwinds.

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Are Qantas flying direct to Perth?

With our non-stop flights from London Heathrow to Perth, using the Qantas Dreamliner, the 14,498km service is the fastest way to get to Australia+. One year on from the launch of our non-stop flight from London Heathrow to Perth, we look back on some interesting facts from the past year.

What airlines are flying to Australia from Bangkok?

We understand that Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Malaysian Airlines, Scoot Air, and Qatar Other airlines are also operating flights to Australia, although these are less frequent and/or direct. We encourage you to phone the airline directly to make your booking.

How long is the flight from Singapore to Australia?

Flight time from Singapore to Sydney is 7 hours 45 minutes.

Who is the owner of Thai Airways?

Thailand Ministry of Finance

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