Where do most Indonesian live in USA?

Metro area Indonesian population
Los Angeles 14,000
New York 7,000
Riverside-San Bernardino, CA 6,000
San Francisco 4,000

What US city has the highest Indonesian population?

New York City is home to the highest number of Indonesian expats in the country. However, the city of Monterey Park, California, is where you are most likely to run into one. This city has the highest concentration of Indonesian expats relative to the city’s population.

Where do most Indonesian people live?

Indonesia is made up of more than 17,000 islands with over 1.9 million square miles of land,. About 56.7% of Indonesia’s population lives on Java, the most populous island. The population density of Indonesia is currently at 140.08 individuals per square kilometer.

How many Indonesians are in Los Angeles?

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Metro area Indonesian population
Los Angeles 14,000
Riverside, CA 7,000
New York 5,000
Washington, DC 5,000

How many Indonesians are in Philadelphia?

And in Philadelphia, home to between 6,000 and 8,000 Indonesians, it’s created a tight-knit community that transcends some of the same divisions that caused so much trouble back home.

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Is the US allies with Indonesia?

Indonesia and the United States established diplomatic relations in 1949. Relations are generally strong and close. Both are republics, and each nation reciprocally recognizes the strategic importance of their counterpart.

How many Malaysians live in the United States?

As of 2019, according to the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, the population of the Malaysian diaspora stands at 1,730,152.

Malaysian diaspora.

Total population
Bangladesh 206,244
Australia 174,136
United Kingdom 84,638
United States 77,647

Are Indonesian Chinese?

Most Chinese Indonesians are from Han ethnic. Chinese people have lived in the Indonesian archipelago since at least the 13th century. Many came initially as sojourners (temporary residents), intending to return home in their old age. Some, however, stayed in the region as economic migrants.

What race is Indonesian considered?


Ethnic groups Population (million) Main Regions
Javanese 95.217 Central Java, Yogyakarta, East Java, Lampung, Jakarta
Sundanese 31.765 West Java, Banten, Lampung
Malay 8.789 Sumatra eastern coast, West Kalimantan
Madurese 6.807 Madura island, East Java

What is Indonesia known for?

20 Things Indonesia is famous for

  • 1) Bali.
  • ️ 2) Raja Ampat.
  • 3) Borobudur and Prambanan temples.
  • 4) Komodo dragon island.
  • 5) See orangutans in the wild.
  • 6) Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice)
  • ️ 7) Rica-rica.
  • ‍♀️ 8) Indonesian locals are very friendly.

How many Indonesians are in the USA?

Between 2000 and 2010, the number of census respondents identifying themselves as Indonesian (either alone or in combination with other responses) grew by 51% from 63,073 to 95,270. Come 2015, this number has augmented again to 113,000 persons according to the Pew Research Center.

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Where does Indonesia located?


Is Indonesia in the UN?

Indonesia officially became the 60th member of the United Nations on 29 September 1950, in accordance with the United Nations Security Council Resolution 86 two days before, and the United Nations General Assembly resolution number A/RES/491 (V) on the “admission of the Republic of Indonesia to membership in the United …

What is the best restaurant in Philadelphia?

These are the restaurants that make Philly great.

  • Parc (Rittenhouse)
  • White Dog Cafe (University City)
  • Moshulu (Old City)
  • Estia (Center City)
  • Cheu Fishtown (Fishtown)
  • Fond (East Passyunk)
  • Perla (East Passyunk)
  • Amada PHL (Old City)


Why do Indonesians come to Australia?

Large numbers of Chinese Indonesians began migrating to Australia in the late 1990s, fleeing the political and economic turmoil in the aftermath of the May 1998 riots and the subsequent fall of Suharto.

How big in square miles is Indonesia?

735,400 mi²

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