Where can I get cheap suits in Singapore?

Where can I buy cheap suits in Singapore?

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  • Under $500: 1) Ehkay Corner Tailors. 2) Mohans Custom Tailors. 3) Stitched Custom. 4) Esquire’s Atelier.
  • Under $700: 5) Perfect Attire. 6) Closeknip. 7) Sors Studio.
  • Under $1000: 8) Edit Suits Co. 9) Hwa Seng Textiles. 10) Meiko Tailor.


How much does a suit cost in Singapore?

Bespoke suits start from $300, depending on the fabrics you select. The customer is also fully involved in the whole bespoke process. You get to choose the cut, colour and style of your suit. Express yourself and make your piece your own by getting creative with your picks.

Where can I get a suit for cheap?

Here are some of the best suits you can get without dropping a lot of dough.

  • H&M. Courtesy. Checked Suit. …
  • Zara. Courtesy. Jade Suit. …
  • Mango. Courtesy. Slim Fit Check Suit. …
  • Banana Republic. Courtesy. Standard Gray Plaid Linen Suit. …
  • Express. Courtesy. Green Cotton Sateen Suit. …
  • Perry Ellis. Courtesy. …
  • River Island. Courtesy. …
  • Topman. Courtesy.
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How much does it cost to tailor suits?

Depending on where you live and what you need done, it could cost anywhere between $25 and $100 to tailor a suit. Doing things like shortening pants are cheap and easy, shortening sleeves is relatively easy though complicated if the jacket has buttons on the sleeves.

Where can I alter my shirt in Singapore?

7 Of The Best Places To Send Your Clothes For Alterations In Singapore

  • Alteration of Unisex Clothing @ Bukit Batok. …
  • May Tailor & Laundry @ Lucky Plaza. …
  • Clancy Boutique Alteration Centre @ Far East Plaza. …
  • JeansFix @ City Link Mall. …
  • Haute Alteration Initiative. …
  • Meng Yee Express Alteration @ Far East Plaza.

Where can I buy ready made suits in Singapore?

Where to Buy Suits in Singapore: Made-To-Measure & Made-To-Measure Tailors

  • Edit Suits Co. Edit Suits combines a personal shopping experience with the convenience of online re-orders. …
  • Q Menswear. …
  • Meiko Tailor. …
  • The Prestigious Bespoke. …
  • CYC Made To Measure. …
  • Dylan & Son.


How much does it cost to tailor a shirt in Singapore?

Prices start from $109 for a tailored shirt, and $920 for a two-piece suit.

What is a 2 piece suit?

: a suit consisting of a jacket with matching pants or a jacket with a matching skirt.

Where can I make clothes in Singapore?

21 Best Affordable Tailors in Singapore 2021

  • Picadilly Tailors.
  • Sors Studio.
  • Ascott Tailors.
  • Roy’s Sabnani.
  • Tailors Singapore (Maharaja’s)
  • Stitched Custom.
  • Made Suits.
  • Cyc Tailor.

What is a good price for a suit?

A solid price point for the first suit should be around $500, give or take a little. There are plenty of options around and below that amount, but avoid very inexpensive suits, as they are often poor quality and will look cheap.

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How much is a Armani suit?

But consumers willing to pay as much as $1,500 for a Giorgio Armani suit or $850 for an Oxxford often wonder what they are paying for.

What is the best cheap suit?

Best Affordable Suits for Men

  • 2.1 Hockerty Royal Blue Perfect-Fit Suit.
  • 2.2 Tomasso Black Italian Wool Suit.
  • 2.3 Calvin Klein X Slim Fit Suit.
  • 2.4 Perry Ellis Slim Fit Suit.
  • 2.5 Tommy Hilfiger Modern Fit Suit.
  • 2.6 Salvatore Exte Classic Fit Suit. …
  • 2.7 Calvin Klein Slim Fit Wool Suit.
  • 2.8 Tommy Hilfiger Classic Stretch Suit.

How much is a cheap tailored suit?

The basic suit: $200–$500

If you are on a tight budget, you can get away with an off-the-rack (available in most department stores) or an entry-level made-to-measure suit. They will most likely be made of non-branded microfibre or microfibre-wool blends from Asia.

Are tailored suits worth it?

The simple answer is, you have to go for a tailor made suit! Yes, you can argue that I do just fine with my altered off-the-rack suit. … There is nothing like a well tailor made Suit that is truly hand crafted to your unique body style and size.

Which country has the best tailors?

Whenever there is a poll in the space of internet asking Which Country has the Best Tailors? China wins hands down as the country of China has the city of Hong Kong that houses the best and finest of bespoke fashion houses and artists that put an immense amount of hard work, passion, creativity, dedication, and …

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