Where can I buy used cars in Singapore?

Where can I buy used car in Singapore?

Online car marts

  • Carro.
  • Carousell Motors.
  • DBS Car Marketplace.
  • Motorist.sg.
  • Oneshift.
  • Sellcarnow.
  • sgCarMart.
  • STCars.


Where is the best place to buy a used car?

Best Used Car Sites for 2021

  • Best Overall: AutoTrader.
  • Best Basic Option: CarsDirect.
  • Best for Classic Cars: Hemmings.
  • Best for Mobile: Autolist.
  • Best for Cheap Cars: CarGurus.
  • Best for Comparing Options: AutoTempest.
  • Best Auction Site: Cars & Bids.


How much does a second hand car cost in Singapore?

That means your car’s Applicable Open Market Value (OMV) needs to be $20,000 or less (in order to qualify for a loan of 60% of the car price).

1. Upfront payment when buying a second-hand car.

Purpose Amount
Downpayment $18,809
Car insurance $1,200
Road tax $742
Total $20,751

Which city is best to buy used cars?

The Best Metros to Buy a Used Car

  • Milwaukee-Waukesha-West Allis, WI.
  • Minneapolis-St. …
  • Chicago-Naperville-Elgin, IL-IN-WI. …
  • Cleveland-Elyria, OH. …
  • Detroit-Warren-Dearborn, MI. …
  • Grand Rapids-Wyoming, MI. …
  • Kansas City, MO-KS. Market days supply: 52. …
  • Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington, PA-NJ-DE-MD. Market days supply: 52. …
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What’s the best 2nd hand car to buy?

Used Car Awards 2020: the winners

Category Winner
Best used hot hatchback 2020 Ford Fiesta ST
Best used sports car 2020 Porsche 911
Best used hybrid car 2020 Toyota Prius
Best used electric car 2020 Volkswagen e-Golf

Which is the best 2nd hand car to buy?

Best Second Hand Cars to Buy in India

  • Maruti Alto 800. The first car in our list of Best Second-hand Cars to Buy in India is the Maruti Alto 800, which is also among the cheapest cars in India. …
  • Maruti Swift. …
  • Hyundai Elite i20. …
  • Volkswagen Polo. …
  • Maruti Dzire. …
  • Maruti Ciaz. …
  • Honda City. …
  • Maruti Vitara Brezza.

Is CarMax cheaper than a dealer?

Generally no. Carmax is more expensive. They get their cars from the same place everyone else does. That’s not entirely true.

Which used cars NOT to buy?

30 Used Cars Consumer Reports Gave the ‘Never Buy’ Label

  • Chrysler Town & Country. Chrysler’s new minivan will hopefully rate better than Town & Country. …
  • BMW X5. 2012 BMW X5 | BMW. …
  • Ford Fiesta. Compact cars by Ford had a bad run between 2011 and 2014 | Ford. …
  • Ram 1500. …
  • Volkswagen Jetta. …
  • Cadillac Escalade. …
  • Audi Q7. …
  • Fiat 500.


Where is the cheapest place to buy a used car?

The cheapest city to buy a used car might surprise you, as its cost of living is pretty high. However, Miami, Florida comes in as the cheapest city for used cars. Rounding out the top 5 cheapest cities for used cars are Cleveland, Ohio; Akron, Ohio; Stamford, Connecticut; and New York, New York.

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Is it worth buying second hand car in Singapore?

Although cheaper, the lower price of a used car also usually means higher interest rates, while its age also translates into more frequent and possibly more expensive repairs. Factor these costs into your purchasing decision – in some cases, a second-hand car isn’t exactly better than getting a new one.

What is the cheapest car in Singapore?

Perodua Bezza 1.3 Premium X (A)

At just over $75,000, it’s the cheapest new car you can buy in Singapore right now. With an excellent fuel economy of 21km/L, coupled with a low annual road tax, it is also the cheapest car to sustain overall.

Can you afford a car in Singapore?

First, the Monetary Authority of Singapore regulates how much of the total cost of a car you are allowed to finance through a loan. For cars with an Open Market Value (OMV) of over S$20,000, you may only borrow up to a maximum of 60% of the total purchase price of the car (which includes the cost of COE, etc.).

What are the top 5 used cars to buy?

Read on to see seven of the best used cars you can buy.

  • Hyundai Sonata. Hyundai. A brand new Hyundai Sonata has a base MSRP of $22,500. …
  • Kia Rio. Kia. …
  • Toyota Corolla. Toyota. …
  • Volkswagen Jetta. Nam Y. …
  • Subaru Crosstrek. Subaru Media. …
  • Kia Soul. Kia. …
  • Ford Focus Electric. Ford.

How do I find a good used car?

Where’s the Best Place to Buy a Used Car?

  1. Certified Pre-Owned at a Dealership. Buying a certified pre-owned (CPO) car is a convenient way to find a used car in excellent condition. …
  2. Independent Dealership. An independent dealership isn’t associated with any particular automaker. …
  3. Private Party.
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Are second hand cars good?

Getting your used car insured will cost you a lot less as compared to a new car. … Even if you decide to sell it in the future, it won’t dent your wallet much by losing less amount of money than a new car would do. Especially for the first timers, a used purchase is more practical and affordable at the same time.

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