What does Lao stand for in finance?

Acronym Definition
LAO Legal Assistance Office
LAO Lysine-Arginine-Ornithine Binding Protein
LAO Logistics Assistance Office
LAO Lao Airlines, Laos (ICAO code)

What Lao means?

1 : a member of a Buddhist people living in Laos and adjacent parts of northeastern Thailand. 2 : the Tai language of the Lao people.

What does its stand for in finance?

Intermarket Trading System

A computerized trading system allowing investors and brokers access to more than one stock exchange. That is, the ITS effectively lists securities of participating exchanges on each other’s boards.

What does NAM stand for in finance?

1. NAM. National Accounts Manager. Management, Accounting, Manager. Management, Accounting, Manager.

What does Laos mean in texting?

LAOS — Liars and Other Strangers.

Is Lao food spicy?

The trifecta of Laos’ national cuisine are sticky rice, larb, and tam mak hoong. The most famous Lao dish is larb (Lao: ລາບ; sometimes also spelled laab or laap), a spicy mixture of marinated meat or fish that is sometimes raw (prepared like ceviche) with a variable combination of herbs, greens, and spices.

What does Ytg mean in finance?

YTD– Year-to-date. YTG – Year-to-go.

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What does C stand for in finance?

Copyright (usually written ©) C. Company. C. Cost.

What does AOP mean in finance?

Annual Operation Planning (AOP) A detailed projection of all estimated income and expenses based on forecasted sales revenue during one year to identify, communicate and monitor progress on key priorities for the year that advance the strategic plan.

What is the Laos currency?

Lao kip

What is the name of Laos International Airport?

Wattay International Airport (IATA: VTE, ICAO: VLVT) is one of the few international airports in Laos and the country’s main international gateway, serving the capital Vientiane, located 3 km (2 mi) outside of the city centre.

What is the full from of NAM?

The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) is a forum of 120 developing world states that are not formally aligned with or against any major power bloc. After the United Nations, it is the largest grouping of states worldwide.

What does NOM mean?


Acronym Definition
NOM Natural Organic Matter
NOM Nominative (grammatical case)
NOM Norma Oficial Mexicana
NOM Nominal

What does Nam include?

NAM includes functionality from Network Performance Monitor, NetFlow Traffic Analyzer, Network Configuration Manager, IP Address Manager, User Device Tracker, and VoIP & Network Quality Manager into a single license.

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