Question: Is freelance legal in Singapore?

You’ll need to be a citizen or a permanent resident to conduct freelance work in Singapore legally. You’re also required to pay tax on the income earned, and contribute to your personal Medisave account, which is the mandatory medical savings programme for citizens and permanent residents.

Can I work freelance while employed in Singapore?

The law does not prevent you from taking up a part-time job or freelancing in addition to a full-time job. In other words, it is not illegal to moonlight in Singapore.

Do freelancers need to register in Singapore?

Do freelancers need to register a company in Singapore? Freelancers (Singapore Citizens and Permanent Resident) operating under their full names as per NRIC, do NOT need to register a company in Singapore.

Do freelancers need to pay tax Singapore?

All self-employed individuals such as sole-proprietors, partners, freelancers, taxi drivers, hawkers, commission agents, etc. who derive their income in Singapore need to pay income tax.

How much do freelancers earn in Singapore?

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Freelance Jobs Rate Card
Social Media Specialist $15 – $150 per hour, depending on experience
Copywriter $50 – $500 per copywriting job depending on word count, research required and experience
Photographer $100 – $500 per hour
Designer $60 – $250 per hour

Is freelancing illegal?

Clients will often attempt to pass off a freelancers’ work as their own and rob from a freelancer his due by giving him no copyright. However, one must remember that doing so is in fact, illegal. Any work that you create is your own.

Is it illegal to work 2 jobs in Singapore?

Overview. Employees can take on a second job, unless there are: Prohibitions in their current employment contract from taking on other forms of work; and/or. Conflict of interest with their current employment.

Is Freelance considered self-employed in Singapore?

Freelance work is categorised as a form of self-employment, as defined by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).

Can I run a business without registering in Singapore?

Yes! You can sell products or services in Singapore without registering a company. … Registering a Singapore private limited company also limits your liability. If you are doing a business in Singapore without formally committing a company registration, it is entirely legal.

Can I run a business without registering?

It is entirely legal to operate as a sole proprietorship without registering your company. Keep in mind, however, that doing so does not provide you with any form of legal protection if you experience debt or face legal action.

How do I declare self-employed in Singapore?

b) Declare your Net Trade Income to the CPF Board

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To do so, log back into my cpf online services and click on “My Requests” on the left. On the “My Requests” page, click on the “Self-Employed Matters” section followed by “Declare my income as a Self-Employed Person for computation of CPF Medisave liability”.

Can foreigners be self-employed in Singapore?

Can a foreigner be self-employed in Singapore? In Singapore, you can only be legally self-employed if you’re a permanent resident or citizen. … Foreigners are not allowed to work without a Work Permit, Employment Pass, or S Pass.

Do freelancers have to pay income tax?

As per the income tax laws, freelancers too are liable to pay taxes for the income they earn just like other salaried or business taxpayers.

What freelance job can I do in Singapore?

7 Side-Income Jobs You Can Work From Home In Singapore

  • Voiceover Artist. …
  • Customer Service or Chat Agents. …
  • Virtual Assistant. …
  • Independent Bookkeeping & Accounting Services. …
  • Website Developer. …
  • Transcriber. …
  • Social Media Manager.


How can I become a freelancer in Singapore?

How to freelance in Singapore? First, to take up freelancing legally in Singapore, one needs to be either a permanent resident or a Singapore citizen. This means that Dependent Pass (DP) or Long Term Visit Pass holders cannot freelance unless they obtain an employment pass.

How much do freelancers get paid?

According to Payoneer’s data, the average freelancer worked 36 hours a week at a rate of $21 per hour, for an annual pretax salary of more than $39,000. This was significantly higher than the average salary for nonfreelancers in most of the countries in the survey.

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