Question: How much is a quarantine hotel in Bangkok?

Thailand AQ hotels that were previously advertised as ASQ hotels have been approved by Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Defense, cover a wide price range from 26,900 THB (about 890 USD) to 600,000 THB (about 20,000 USD) for the two-week quarantine.

What is the cheapest quarantine hotel in Bangkok?

Top 10 Cheapest Bangkok Alternative State Quarantine Hotels

  • FuramaXclusive Sukhumvit Bangkok – 32,000 THB ($1,024 USD) …
  • Cinnamon Residence – 32,000 THB ($1,024 USD) …
  • Hotel Amber Sukhumvit 85 – 32,000 THB ($1,024 USD) …
  • S Ram Leisure Hotel – 34,000 THB ($1,087 USD) …
  • Citrus Sukhumvit 11 Bangkok – 36,000 THB ($1,151 USD)


How much is Bangkok quarantine?

Quarantine Packages for Patients

Room types Price / 7 nights (THB) Price / 10 nights (THB)
Standard (3,500 THB / night) 24,500 35,000
Deluxe (7,000 THB / night) 49,000 70,000
Superior (9,000 THB / night) 63,000 90,000

How do I book a quarantine hotel in Thailand?

If you are planning a trip to Thailand and not yet fully vaccinated, you can easily arrange your 15-night mandatory quarantine right here on Agoda. Book comfortable ASQ hotels in Bangkok and Pattaya with complete quarantine packages that include accommodation, 3 meals per day, COVID-19 tests, airport pick-up, and more.

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How many hotels in Thailand are quarantined?

At the time of writing, there are 147 approved ASQ hotels in Bangkok – and a shorter list of ‘ALSQ’ (Alternative Local State Quarantine) hotels in Phuket, Chonburi, Burirum and Prachiburi. Join my email list to get updates on this and everything else Thailand/COVID.

How much does Thai quarantine cost?

Thailand ASQ hotels that have been approved by Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Defense, cover a wide price range from 26,500 THB (about 880 USD) to 600,000 THB (about 20,000 USD) for the two-week quarantine.

Which hotels can you quarantine in Thailand?

Thailand Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) Hotels

  • AVANI Atrium Bangkok Hotel. …
  • BelAire Bangkok Sukhumvit. …
  • Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel Bangkok. …
  • Mövenpick BDMS Wellness Resort. …
  • Courtyard by Marriott Bangkok. …
  • Pullman Bangkok Hotel G. …
  • Lancaster Bangkok.

Can you drink alcohol in ASQ Thailand?

Is alcohol Allowed at the Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ)? When you stay at the Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ), the Property will not be providing alcohol to your room. in addition to that, you will not be allowed to bring with you alcoholic beverages from Outside.

Is there travel ban in Thailand?

Thailand – Level 3: Reconsider Travel

Read the Department of State’s COVID-19 page before you plan any international travel. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a Level 3 Travel Health Notice for Thailand due to COVID-19, indicating a high level of COVID-19 in the country.

What can I do during quarantine?

Activities you can do during quarantine

  • Go for a walk or bike ride in the neighborhood.
  • Play classic movement games such as duck, duck, goose, hide-and-seek and follow-the-leader.
  • Stream family friendly workouts.
  • Take a hike in a local park.
  • Roller-skate or roller-blade.
  • Go on a scavenger hunt (inside or out)
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How do I quarantine in Thailand?

You must apply for an STV via the Thai consulate or embassy in your own country. All travelers must provide proof of an insurance policy that covers treatment for Covid-19 up to the cost of $100,000 and a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of departure.

How long can a tourist stay in Thailand?

Thailand is offering a special tourist visa that will allow foreigners to stay for up to 90 days, presuming they quarantine for the first 14 days. These special visas can be renewed twice, allowing for 270 days, or about nine months, in Thailand.

What are the visa requirements for Thailand?

U.S. citizen tourists entering Thailand for fewer than 30 days do not require a visa. We strongly recommend that your passport be valid for at least six months beyond the date of your arrival in Thailand to avoid possible denied entry. Thai immigration officials or airline staff may ask for your onward/return ticket.

How many nights quarantine Thailand?

Currently the mandatory quarantine for arrivals in Thailand is 15 nights so this would be a significant improvement for travelers both in terms of time and cost.

Do Thai nationals have to pay for quarantine?

FILE PHOTO: Thais returning home will no longer get free quarantine accommodation. By the end of June, the government plans to phase out the state-provided free quarantine accommodation facilities for Thai nationals repatriating from abroad.

What is ALQ Thailand?

Thailand Alternative Local State Quarantine (ALQ / ALSQ) Hotels. … Alternative Local State Quarantine (ALQ) is the process of quarantine at government-approved hotels in various provinces of Thailand at the traveler’s own expense.

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