How much does a Nintendo switch cost in Singapore?

Country International Price Price in SGD
Singapore SGD 499.00 S$ 499.00
Thailand THB 9,390 S$ 393.00

How can I buy a Nintendo switch in Singapore?

Top 5 Nintendo Switch Sellers in Singapore

  1. Qisahn. Qisahn is a local online store found in Lazada Singapore, they have products specifically for console gaming. …
  2. – Attractive Prices from Different sellers. Moving on to Amazon Singapore. …
  3. Qoo10 – Nintendo from China Tencent $509 SGD! …
  4. GameBusted. …
  5. Shopitree on Shopee.

How much do Nintendo switches usually cost?

The Switch is a hybrid home console and portable console in one. As such, you might expect it to cost a lot of money — quite the contrary, it costs just $299.

How much is a Nintendo Switch Lite in Singapore?

Cheapest Nintendo Switch Lite Price in Singapore is S$ 268.00. The Nintendo Switch Lite is now available in Singapore. The cheapest Nintendo Switch Lite price in Singapore is S$ 268.00 from Shopee. Nintendo Switch Lite price details are updated June 2021.

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Which country has the cheapest Nintendo switch?

So let’s check out the top 10 cheapest countries to buy a Nintendo Switch in the world:

  • Japan – $288.53.
  • United States – $299.00.
  • Hong Kong – $299.08.
  • South Korea – $301.00.
  • Malaysia – $307.64.
  • Taiwan – $310.00.
  • Russia – $310.49.
  • Canada – $312.04.


What is the cheapest Nintendo?

The MSRP Nintendo Switch Lite price in the US is $199.99. In the UK the RRP is down as £199.99. And in Australia the Switch Lite costs $329.99.

How much is PS5 Singapore?

Local availability and pricing

Update: Sony Interactive Entertainment Singapore (SIES) has announced that the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition will retail for S$599, while the PlayStation 5 with Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disc Drive will retail for S$729.

Why is Nintendo switch so expensive?

The short answer. Nintendo Switches are so expensive right now because there is little to no supply available for US retailers. This is causing the Nintendo Switch cost on the remaining supply to be marked up, mostly by third-party sellers or resellers.

Is it worth buying a switch in 2021?

Nintendo could still announce a new Switch in 2021, but we don’t know how hard it will be to buy. … In that sense, while the existing Switch is getting a bit old for its hardware, it’s still an excellent console with excellent games that are still arriving every month.

Will Nintendo switch prices drop?

Even though the Nintendo Switch will not drop its price in the foreseeable future, you may be able to pick one up at garage sales, or on facebook as this is where most people will sell their used ones. Normally you can find used gaming consoles there for considerably cheaper than brand new ones.

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What’s better the switch or switch Lite?

If you’re driven by budget, there’s only one winner here – the Switch Lite. … Mind you, if you’re only going to be using your Switch on-the-go, then get the Lite – it’s lighter, more pocketable and has decent battery life (even if it doesn’t match that of the standard Switch).

What accessories do I need for Nintendo Switch Lite?

  • Nintendo Switch Lite Carry Case + Screen Protector. Best Nintendo Switch Lite Case. …
  • ButterFox Switch Lite Carrying Case. …
  • Hori DuraFlexi Protector. …
  • Orzly Grip Case. …
  • amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector. …
  • Satisfye Switch Lite Grip. …
  • SanDisk 128GB Ultra. …
  • Anker PowerCore Nintendo Switch Edition.

Where can I buy Nintendo Switch Lite in Singapore?

Amazon SG is one of the best places to buy genuine branded products online, so if you’re looking to buy a Nintendo Switch Lite, this online marketplace is definitely worth a look.

Is a Nintendo switch worth it?

The bottom line is this: if you’re a Nintendo fan already, the Switch is an absolute must-buy, without question. If you’re a casual gamer, the Switch would likely be a good investment because you can use it for both your home console and handheld console needs without buying two separate devices.

Is it better to buy switch games or download them?

The most obvious benefit of downloading a digital copy of a game onto your Nintendo Switch console is the fact that it doesn’t take up any physical space. You won’t have a shelf full of old Switch games that you never play anymore. … This means you can then start playing them right after they release.

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