How long does Ezbuy take to deliver to Singapore?

^ 8 – 15 working days is the estimated range for sea shipment. You may refer to Shipping rates and durations for the specific details. + The stated duration is for normal orders with instocks. For those orders requiring external agents, usually it would take 1.5 – 2 weeks or even longer to reach our warehouse.

Is Ezbuy Singapore reliable?

Jassy Tan doesn’t recommend ezbuy Singapore.

Ezbuy is not trustworthy. I strongly discourage you to even try their service. They have cheated on our parcel and refuse to come forward with an explaination.

Does Ezbuy ship to Singapore?

Ezbuy provides the lowest shipping fee for shipping from USA to Singapore. With no base charge, no fuel charge, no hidden cost, shipping fee is just S$3.99/500g.

Does Ezbuy still ship from Taobao?

Hence, the shipping prices for both ezbuy and ezShip became cheaper than Taobao.

How Much is The Shipping Fee For The Stools?

Shipping Remarks
ezbuy S$25.30 After 20% off sea shipping promo, S$31.63 before discount

Can I trust Ezbuy?

Ezbuy Online Shopping Singapore has a consumer rating of 1.29 stars from 14 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Ezbuy Online Shopping Singapore ranks 30th among Shopping Cart sites.

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Is Ezbuy or Taobao cheaper?

ezBuy Prime vs Taobao: Total cost

With shipping also included from both sides, Taobao is actually cheaper by ~$17.80. Plus, Taobao includes free doorstep delivery by default, while ezbuy Prime only has free self-collection (doorstep delivery is chargeable).

Can Singapore buy from Taobao?

Since we’re in Singapore, the only way we can get our Taobao purchase is via international shipping. For international shipping, Taobao’s preferred delivery partner is Cainiao. The following options are presented at checkout, just before you confirm your order.

Does Walmart ship to Singapore?

Many products available on its official U.S. online store have great deals while they don’t compromise on quality. That’s why Walmart is always the No. … The bad thing is, Walmart doesn’t ship outside U.S., thus you have to get a free U.S. address for your order and ship to Singapore via a reliable parcel forwarder.

How much does it cost to ship from US to Singapore?

See how low shipping rates from the US can be!

Weight Budget Economy 5 – 10 days UPS Expedited 2 – 8 days
2lbs 15.99 USD 42.47 USD
3lbs 19.99 USD 52.20 USD
4lbs 24.99 USD 59.02 USD
5lbs 29.99 USD 67.92 USD

How do I ship something from China to Singapore?

Shipping from China to Singapore often takes 4 to 10 days by sea freight, 1 to 2 days by air include express shipping like DHL, Fedex etc. If you are importing goods from Alibaba, Taobao, Aliexpress or any other platform, Bansar can help you get the cheapest shipping rate from China to Singapore.

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Is Ezbuy and Taobao same?

It’s a product anyone could use. We selected a brand-less one from Taobao, and we copied the link from Taobao and used that link to search for the same item on ezbuy. Now, right off the bat, you’ll notice one key thing: It’s the same item, with both prices in Chinese Yuan exactly the same.

How much is Taobao shipping fee?

By sea: From $0.70/500g for parcels up to 30kg, $40 flat for parcels amounting from 30 to 80kg (0.5cbm), and $80 flat for parcels amounting from 80 to 160kg. For items 160kg and above, it’s $0.80/cbm. Ezbuy also charges a $5 delivery fee to ship items to your doorstep within Singapore.

Does Ezbuy ship food?

Sensitive Air shipping method is specially for customs sensitive items or items restricted by normal transportation. Such items include, but not limited to, small amount of air-tight food, battery, liquid, cream, gel products, cosmetics.

What is Ezbuy insurance fee?

The insurance cost (cap $60) is 3% of the total value of the product payment . The compensation includes: Full amount of item cost. International shipping fee and service fee.

Is Ezbuy Prime membership worth it?

If you have really heavy furniture and items you want to ship from Taobao, ezbuy Prime may still be worth it for the flat S$2.99 shipping.

Is Shopee legit and safe?

They’re even lurking at legitimate online stores. I myself got scammed by a jerk pretending to sell TV at the best prices at the Singaporean-owned Shopee, which I had thought was a safe site to shop. … So, I asked how I can be assured that this wasn’t a scam: “All Shopee verified stores are legit,” he said.

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