How can I get Mother Tongue exemption in Singapore?

Joining school mid-stream: Students who join or re-join the Singapore school system mid-stream without prior learning of the MTL, can apply for an exemption.

Is it compulsory to take mother tongue in Singapore?

Mother Tongue Language (MTL) is offered in Singapore schools as a second language. It is a compulsory subject.

Is mother tongue compulsory in primary?

It is compulsory to study an official Mother Tongue Language (MTL) — Chinese Language, Malay Language or Tamil Language — in primary school, but some exceptions may apply.

Do you need mother tongue for JC?

You need D7 for MT to go JC. Otherwise you may be conditionally admitted where they will admit you to a JC but you must pass O Level MT before you graduate from JC.

What is mother tongue in lieu?

WHAT IS FRENCH IN LIEU ? If your children are attending a local school in Singapore and if they don’t speak either Chinese, Malay or Tamil at home (mother tongue) , they can get an approval from the MOE to study another language in lieu. French is one of the most popular choice!

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Why is the mother tongue important?

Mother tongue is the language which a child starts hearing after being born and thus, it also helps in providing a definite shape to our emotions and thoughts. Learning in your mother tongue also is crucial in enhancing other skills such as critical thinking, skills to learn a second language and literacy skills.

What language they speak in Singapore?

Сингапур/Официальные языки

What is your mother language?

The term “mother tongue” refers to a person’s native language — that is, a language learned from birth. Also called a first language, dominant language, home language, and native tongue (although these terms are not necessarily synonymous).

Is Mother Tongue Second Language?

A first language is the mother tongue or native language of a person while a second language is a language a person learns in order to communicate with the native speaker of that language.

How is mother tongue decided?

One of the definitions is that it is ‘the language which a person has grown up speaking from early childhood’. … The issue is the same as for ‘mother tongue’ – it is applied to languages you have learnt as a child. If you no longer speak your childhood language, you have lost your status as a native speaker.

How do you qualify for JC?

To qualify for JC admission, you must:

  1. Have a gross L1R5 aggregate score of 20 and below. The L1R5 aggregate score is made up of the following subjects: L1R5. Subjects. First Language (L1) English/Higher Mother Tongue. …
  2. Meet the following subject requirements. Subject. Grade. English Language. 1-6.
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Can NA students go to JC?

You can indeed go to JC after your O levels only. You got to take your N levels and do well enough to proceed to secondary 5, and do your O levels. If you score well enough, you will be able to enter JC. If you score well enough, you are eligible for JC, Poly, Pre-U and ITE.

Can you go to JC without a math?

If you plan to go JC, A-Math is a pre-requisite for H2 Math. H2 Math itself is a pre-requisite for engineering courses in University. … For students who aspire to enter business-related courses, A-math is not compulsory but it is recommended as it trains you to be sharper and more detailed when dealing with numbers.

What is Singapore mother tongue?

Сингапур/Официальные языки

Why is bilingual important Singapore?

Recent research from the National University of Singapore shows that bilingual children demonstrate fewer racial biases than monolingual children. Bilingualism therefore opens up a child’s social world and unlocks early potential for building social connections.

Can Singaporean kids go international?

International schools admissions

Singaporean citizens are not allowed to attend international schools unless they have special dispensation given to them by MOE.

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