Does Indonesia make good guitars?

Indonesia is next on the list and is where most companies such as Chapman, Jackson and Faith make their production guitars. … More guitars built equals less time spent in quality control, all the while using cheaper woods and hardware than their American counterparts.

Are Indonesian guitars better than Chinese?

On average, the best Asian-Pacific guitars I’ve seen were from Japan and Korea. Indonesian instruments tended to be fair. The worst were from China. Better than most of those—again, on average—are typical North American guitars.

Are Ibanez guitars made in Indonesia good?

As someone who owns an Ibanez Premium Universe (Indonesian) and a Prestige RG655 (Japanese), they’re pretty good imo, at least when you get to the Premium line (which I think is what you’re talking about if you’re looking at spending over a grand) I’d say the main difference between the MiI and MiJ stuff is …

Who makes the best guitars in the world?

15 Best Guitar Brands in 2021

  • Gibson.
  • Guild.
  • Seagull.
  • Yamaha.
  • Ovation.
  • Washburn.
  • Fender.
  • Epiphone.
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What acoustic guitars are made in Indonesia?

Reportedly Cort produces roughly 1 Million guitars a year, between their Korean and Indonesian factories. Beside their own Cort branded guitars they manufacture for Ibanez, Fender/Squier, G&L, Gretsch, Laguna, Avalon/Lowden, Music Man, Schecter, Lakland, Strandberg, EVH, Chapman and Jackson among others.

Why are American made guitars better?

As a general rule, American-made guitars, particularly electrics, are better made and of higher quality. The reason isn’t because Americans are better at making guitars. The main reason is because America uses foreign factories to make the lower priced economy models.

Are Chinese guitars any good?

Just because a guitar is Chinese made does not mean it is poor quality. Far from it. … The factories these guitars come out of have quality control and that is something many of the knock off outfits don’t have. I have seen and tried a fair few Chinese replica guitars in my time.

Why are so many guitars made in Indonesia?

That’s not to say there are aren’t highly skilled guitar builders all around the world. But the general cost of labour is much cheaper in places like Mexico, China and Indonesia – so companies make use of it.

Where are high end Ibanez guitars made?

Most Ibanez guitars were made by the FujiGen guitar factory in Japan up until the mid- to late 1980s, and from then on Ibanez guitars have also been made in other Asian countries such as Korea, China, and Indonesia.

What are the top rated acoustic guitars?

  • Taylor GS Mini. …
  • Taylor 110e. …
  • Takamine P3NY. …
  • Martin SC-13E. …
  • Gibson G-45 Standard. …
  • Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster. Juxtaposed Fender delivers superb variety of sounds. …
  • Martin D-28. The best acoustic guitar for accomplished players. …
  • Gibson SJ-200 Deluxe. The best acoustic guitar for when money is no object.
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What are the top 5 guitar brands?

10 of The Best Guitar Brands Around The World

  • Ibanez. Ibanez are a driving force in the guitar world, and produce a vast array of instruments, effects pedals and amplifiers. …
  • Gibson. …
  • Trenier Guitars. …
  • Eastman Guitars. …
  • Epiphone. …
  • Heritage. …
  • D’Angelico. …
  • Benedetto.


What guitars do professionals use?

Top Professional Guitar Brands

Product Model Type Special Feature
Martin D-28 Dreadnought Free strap and case
Taylor 224ce Fishbone pattern Koa grand auditorium
Ibanez AW54CEOPN Artwood dreadnought Sonicore pickup, tuner
Fender PM-1 Deluxe dreadnought Fishman pre-amp

What is the best guitar ever made?

From Les Paul to the Telecaster, we look at 9 of the best Rock guitars of all time!

  1. Gibson Les Paul. We’ll start with the absolute classic all-rounder. …
  2. Fender Stratocaster. …
  3. Gibson ES-335. …
  4. Schecter Omen Extreme-6. …
  5. Gibson SG Standard. …
  6. Fender Telecaster. …
  7. Gretsch G5220 Electromatic Jet. …
  8. Charvel Pro Mod DK24 Dinky HSS.


Did Fender make guitars in Indonesia?

Yes. They are real. Fender did have some production happening in Indonesia for a while.

Does it matter where a guitar is made?

Masciandaro: It’s a reality that some parts of the world may be more advanced in the art of guitar manufacturing. However, that’s changing, and what’s important in regard to quality is the experience of the designer and the level of detail in the manufacturing of the instrument, no matter where it’s built.

Are Yamaha Guitars made in Indonesia?

Yes. In fact, most, if not all guitars of any brand in that price range are all made in Indonesia or other Southeast Asian countries. They are all safe. At any price range below professional, I always recommend Yamaha guitars, especially for beginners, because they are of high quality for the price.

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