Do you think the Philippines will achieve the SDG in 2030?

The Philippines affirms its commitment to achieve the SDGs by 2030, if not sooner, especially as the Global Goals are in sync with the country’s development plans and long-term aspirations for 2040.

Is the Philippines on track to achieve the SDG by 2030?

Road to 2030

While it is clear that the Philippines is currently not on track to achieve the SDGs, it has the policy tools and mechanisms to lay the foundation towards correcting the course.

Can the Philippines attain sustainable development?

Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform. Filipinos aspire for work-life balance, a comfortable, secure and peaceful life. … The Philippines has employed a whole-of-government and whole-of-society approach to SDG implementation. National actions are grounded in laws to ensure robustness.

Can the SDGs be achieved by 2030?

Thank you for being here for this year’s United Nations Global Compact CEO Round Table on Financing for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). … At the current rate of investment, it will be impossible to achieve the SDGs by 2030.

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Will we achieve SDGs?

As the SDGs 2020 Report makes clear, the world is not on track to achieve the goals by 2030. … Four years after the approval of the 2030 Agenda, the average of the SDG Index in the region stands at 63.1 , indicating modest advances in the goals set.

What aspect of sustainable development should the Philippines focus on?

FAO’s broad priorities in the 2030 Agenda are to end poverty, hunger and malnutrition, enable sustainable development in agriculture, fisheries and forestry, and combat and adapt to climate change. In the Philippines, FAO’s work is directly linked to at least 13 of the 17 SDGs.

Is there gender equality in the Philippines?

The report shows that the Philippines has closed 78% of its overall gender gap, garnering a score of 0.781 (down by 1.8 percentage points from . 799 in 2019). With this, it ranked 16th out of 153 countries with the narrowest gap between men and women, dropping by 8 notches from its place last year.

What is the Philippine strategy for sustainable development?

The goal of the Philippine strategy for sustainable development (PSSD) is to achieve economic growth with adequate protection of the country’s biological resources and its diversity, vital ecosystem functions, and overall environmental quality. The PSSD has for its core a number of implementing strategies.

What are the top 5 environmental problems in the Philippines?

Top 5 Environmental Problems in the Philippines (via PSST.PH)

  • Pollution. Pollution, in context, is the introduction of contaminants into the environment causing adverse change. …
  • Global warming due to emission of greenhouse gases. …
  • Overpopulation. …
  • Natural resources depletion. …
  • Waste disposal.
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How do you achieve sustainable development?

Support the generation of development opportunities through inclusive education and decent work. Foster innovation and resilient infrastructure, creating communities and cities able to produce and consume sustainably.

Which SDG is most important?

Above: All 17 SDGs, ordered by the experts surveyed.


Rank Sustainable Development Goal Avg. Expert Score
1 SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities 4.1569
2 SDG 1: No Poverty 3.7812
3 SDG 5: Gender Equality 3.5569
4 SDG 16: Peace Justice & Strong Institutions 3.0923

Are we on track to meet the SDGs?

As the UN High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) recognized in its September 2019 declaration, we are off-track to achieve the SDGs. Indeed, only one of 38 targets assessed in the UN’s 2019 SDG Progress Report was on track at the global level.

Are the SDGs successful?

Five years since the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals, the 2020 Report notes that progress had been made in some areas, such as improving maternal and child health, expanding access to electricity and increasing women’s representation in government.

Are SDG realistic?

Supporters of the SDGs call the goals ‘aspirational’, critics call them ‘naive’. Certainly, while some targets look realistic, others definitely don’t. … One of the more realistic-sounding goals is Goal 6, which looks to “ensure access to water and sanitation for all”.

How will the success of SDGs be determined?

In order for the SDGs to be successful, every level of government will be counted on to benchmark and assess progress on each goal. Each Goal is broken down into a range of targets, with a total of 169 targets spread out across the 17 goals.

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What can students do for sustainable development?

7 Easy Things We Can All Do to Reach the Sustainable Development Goals

  • Get Informed About the Global Goals. …
  • Educate Your Friends, Colleagues, and Families on the Global Goals. …
  • Explore The Realities of the Global Goals, and What They Mean for Your Community and Country. …
  • Give Your Time and Skills. …
  • Give Your Money.


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