Can foreigners buy gold in Thailand?

The gold trade is a big part of Thailand and everyday life for Thai people. It can also be a great place to buy and sell gold for foreigners. But there’s a lot to wrap your head around first.

Is gold from Thailand good?

The main reason Thais buy gold though is as an investment. … Thai gold too is better quality and value than western gold as most of it is 23K and 24K gold (almost pure gold) whereas, in the west, it is only 18K (meaning 25% of it is a base metal, and not actually gold).

Can I buy gold in Thailand?

Gold juwellery in Thailand is only 18 karat. Buy it in a shopping mall like Jung Ceylon or Central Festival where local people purchase them. But sales staff usually don’t speak English. Don’t buy where the tourist buy.

How can I invest in gold in Thailand?

“Investing in gold in Thailand has never been easier,” Boonlert said. “Besides being able to buy gold at more than 7,000 shops throughout the country, the metal can also be purchased online via the Ausiris website, mobile application or even on blockchain,” he added.

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How much does gold cost in Thailand?

Price of Gold in Thailand

Gold Price per Ounce: 56,858.09 39.53
Gold Price per Gram: 1,828.03 +1.27
Gold Price per Kilo: 1,828,029.90 +1270.85
Jun 29, 2021 at 19:00:00 NY Time

What Karat is Thai gold?

Thai gold jewelry is usually is 23 or 22 karat. 23 Karat is 96.5% gold and 22 karat is 91.6% gold. If your Thai gold jewelry is stamped “965” this indicates it is 23 karat.

Is Bangkok gold real gold?

Re: Buying gold jewellery in Bangkok??? Gold in Thailand is measured and sold by baht weight, 1 baht = 15.244 grams, and gold is about 95.6% pure.

How much gold can I bring from Bangkok?

You cannot bring gold within permissible limits without being prosecuted or illegal means. Free limit of gold import is about 50000 inr for men and Rs 100000 for women in form of ornaments and jewellery.

Is gold cheaper in Bangkok?

Gold in Bangkok is cheaper than lot of Western and Asian countries. The quality of gold is better too. As majority of gold ornaments in Thailand are 96.5% pure.

How much gold can I carry from Thailand?

The current tax free allowance is sufficient for a small 1 “baht” (15.16 gram) piece of gold jewelry if you do not import anything else from Thailand. For anything above the allowance you must pay duty at the rate of 36.05%.

Can foreigners become Thai citizens?

A foreign person may acquire citizenship under the following conditions: 1) He or she has reached legal age both in Thailand (20 years old) and their home country. … 3) Must have lived continuously in Thailand and held permanent residence for a minimum of five years.

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Is jewelry cheap in Thailand?

Buying jewelry on a trip to Bangkok, Thailand is top of the list for many tourists. Jewelry in Bangkok is cheap compared to most Western countries, and it’s also beautifully made and wonderful quality.

What is a baht of gold?

A measurement, unit of weight for gold.

“Raw” gold or bullion (standard purity of Thai gold is 96.5% a little over 23 K): 1 baht = 15.244 grams x 0.965 = 14.71046 grams, or 0.47295236 troy ounce (mass). In the case of jewellery, one baht should be more than 15.16 grams.

Which country has cheapest gold?

Based on gold prices at the end of 2020, Hong Kong may be the cheapest country to buy gold from, going by listed face value prices. According to, it’s possible to easily purchase gold in Hong Kong at a lower premium than what’s common in other countries.

How much is Thai gold per gram?


GRAMS Thailand Gold Price per Gram [THB] in Thai baht Change
1 GRAM GOLD 24K 1,867.14 2.82
GRAM 22K 1,714.04 2.59
GRAM 21K 1,633.75 2.47
GRAM 18K 1,400.36 2.11

Which country has lowest gold price?

Hong Kong could be the country with the cheapest gold price in the world. You can walk into a number of banks and purchase gold coins, often with a lower premium compared to other countries.

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