Best answer: How do I get from Singapore to Johor Bahru by train?

Is there a train from Singapore to Johor Bahru?

KTMB Shuttle Train from Singapore to Johor Bahru. – SG Woodlands to JB Sentral (Shuttle Tebrau) The KTM train from Singapore to Johor Bahru departs 13 times a day with the first train leaving Woodlands for JB Sentral at 08:30 and the last train at 23:45. The train journey takes just 5 minutes and tickets cost 5 SGD.

How do I get from Singapore to Johor Bahru?

For visitors travelling to Singapore, you may want to reserve one day for a day trip to Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia. Singapore is connected to JB by just one causeway bridge and is easily accessible by bus or train. For those who are short on time, consider taking the train to JB! It is only a 5-minute ride away.

Can grab go from Singapore to JB?

If you go to Johor Bahru regularly, here’s the news that might just make you cheer and make your way there right now: Grab has just launched a Singapore-to-JB carpool service. In the simplest term, it means you can sit in the comfort of a car as someone drives you to JB from Singapore.

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How do I book a KTM train ticket?

You can purchase your train ticket online at by entering in your depart point, arrival destination, date of departure and time and the date of return and time. Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) is the main company which owns these trains.

How long does it take from Singapore to Johor Bahru by bus?

Singapore to Johor bahru Bus Service

Avg. Bus Duration : 31 mins
Buses depart from : Singapore
Bus arrives in : Johor bahru
Distance : 24.0 km
Cheapest Bus Ticket : SGD 1.00

Is there a train from Singapore to Malaysia?

There is no direct train from Singapore to anywhere in Malaysia other than Johor Bahru, so your starting point will always be JB Sentral (the building opposite City Square JB). You can get there any way you like, including a 5-minute train ride from Woodlands Train Checkpoint.

How long does it take to go from Singapore to Johor Bahru?

The travel time from Singapore to Johor Bahru takes approximately 26 hours.

How much is a taxi from Singapore to Johor Bahru?

Pengurusan Terminal Teksi Johor Bahru-Singapore

From Singapore To (via Woodlands Checkpoint) Rate
Ban San St. Taxi Kiosk Larkin Sentral, Larkin Taxi & Bus Terminal SGD 12 per person (Share-a-cab)
Ban San St. Taxi Kiosk Larkin Sentral, Larkin Taxi & Bus Terminal SGD 48
From Malaysia To (via Woodlands Checkpoint) Rate

Is Johor Bahru safe for tourists?

Johor Bahru is noted for having a slightly higher crime rate than the rest of the country. Muggings and robbery are more common. Keep this in mind when you are visiting the city. … Many hotels have private security forces that will help you stay safe even in the center of the city.

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Can you take grab from Singapore to Malaysia?

It’s one of the first country-to-country ride-hail services in the world.

Is KTM same as ETS?

About KTM Berhad

It was previously known as Federated Malay States Railways (FMSR) and the Malayan Railway Administration (MRA) before it became Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) in 1962. The KTM Intercity allows passengers to travel within the states in Malaysia with the company’s Electric Train Service (ETS).

Can I buy ETS ticket online?

Yes, ETS train tickets can be purchased online via the official KTMB booking website. To purchase ETS train tickets online, select the departure date and destination, book your seat, and make payment online.

Do I need to print KTM ticket?

The KTMB MobTicket does not have to be printed as in the case of the regular/conventional ticket that is purchased at ticket counters, through telephone booking or through the web. The Mobile ticket is accepted as an authentic ticket at the departure point and on board the train when checked by the train crew.

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