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  • Thien Nga Islet

    Thien Nga Islet

    In the waters of Bái Tử Long Bay, a stone islet is bobbing like an alluring and graceful swan (Thiên Nga) - a swan losing its herd.

  • Su Tu Bien Islet

    Su Tu Bien Islet

    On the canoe route to Thiên Cung - Ðầu Gỗ Grottoes, one should visit Hòn Sư Tử Biển or Sea Lion Islet, which is 10 minutes away from the Bãi Cháy Tourist Wharf.

  • Soi Sim Islet

    Soi Sim Islet

    Soi Sim is an soil island 400 m away from Ti Tốp Island, and 7-8 km from the Bãi Cháy Tourist Wharf. In the island there are many ancient trees. The Hạ Long Bay Management Board is going to build a system of guesthouses equipped with modern...

  • Oan Islet

    Oan Islet

    Situated 300 m away from Bài Thơ Mountain and 5 km from the Bãi Cháy Tourist Wharf, a 22-meter islet stands out in Bái Tử Long Bay.

  • Ngon Tay Islet

    Ngon Tay Islet

    On the way to Ti Tốp Island, visitors see a stone rock resembling a thump jutting out of the sea.

  • Mat Quy Islet

    Mat Quy Islet

    Boating past the Ấm Islet some 20 minutes, we see Mặt Quỷ Islet or Monster Head Islet, which protrudes about 30-35 m from the waters of Bái Tử Long Bay.

  • Dua Islet

    Dua Islet

    In Bái Tử Long Bay, some 7 km east of Bài Thơ (Poem) Mountain stands a stone islet, which resembles a huge magic wand in Andersen’s fairy tales. It clarifies the geological and geomorphologic significance of Hạ Long Bay. Đũa Islet...

  • Dinh Huong Islet

    Dinh Huong Islet

    In the itinerary of Thiên Cung – Ðầu Gỗ – Ti Tốp, one finds Ðỉnh Hương Islet or Lư Hương (Incense Burner Islet) to the southwest of Ðầu Gỗ Island.

  • Dau Nguoi Islet

    Dau Nguoi Islet

    From a far, you can see a 25-meter islet, which reminds us of a huge Egyptian head with a big nose. Its chin lies close to the sea surface. Many people associate it with the image of the Egyptian Sphinx.

  • Dau Moi Islet

    Dau Moi Islet

    Ðau Moi Islet lies in the middle of the route between Am Islet and Ðua Islet in Bai Tu Long Bay. The islet resembles the head of a termite, a kind of insect often seen prior to the rainy season. Ðầu Mối Islet is listed in the diversified...

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