Ha Long Bay is the most attractive destination of Vietnam. UNESCO listed Ha Long Bay as a World Heritage Site that have thousands amazing islets of various size and shapes along the 120 km long coastline. The bay consists of a dense cluster of 3000 limestone monolithic islands, each topped with thick jungle vegetation, which rise spectacularly from the ocean.

Several of the islands are hollow, with enormous caves. Wooden stakes Cave is the largest grotto in the Halong area.Grotte des Merveilles., which is named by a French tourist, is also one of the famous cave of Halong Bay.Its three large chambers contain large numerous stalactites and stalagmites In addition, Halong Bay’s waters are host to a great diversity of ecosystems including offshore coral reefs, freshwater swamp forests, mangrove forests, small freshwater lakes, and sandy beaches

Now is the faultless time to take a tour for you because of many types of cruises and style of service for your choice. Let read our articles that will have you find the appropriate tour in Ha Long Bay.

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  • Victory Cruise

    (21 cabins)

    Victory Cruise

    Just lanched on April 1, 2009, Victory Star  Cruise offers the perfect mix in traditional elegance and modern comfort. Special attention has been paid to the decoration and interior design. It features 32 comfortable rooms, a grand dinning room with seaview, a removable bar and a superb sundeck.

    $163 p/p$266 p/p
    Build: 2009
  • Paradise Luxury Cruise

    (2 cabins)

    Paradise Luxury Cruise

    Paradise Luxury I, II, III & IV were built according to the traditional Vietnamese junk design and present a lavish outfit blending in subtle harmony with the natural environment. The 04 Paradise Luxury offer 68 luxurious cabins and suites as well as an exciting array of activities to be enjoyed while experiencing the spectacular scenery of the "Bay of Descending Dragons".

    Each vessel features a stylish restaurant and bar for an exclusive dining experience on the third deck. The top deck serves as a perfect place to enjoy lingering in the sunshine and discovering the splendid beauty of Halong bay with a 360 view, thus promising unforgettable and thoroughly relaxing moments.

    $207 p/p$372 p/p
    Build: 2010
  • White Dolphin Charter Cruise

    (2 cabins)

    White Dolphin Charter Cruise

    You are seeking a really romantic, private sail for your wedding ceremony, honeymoon or celebrating a special anniversary or renewing your marriage vows? Surely, White Dolphin Cruises will be the...

    $600 p/p$1100 p/p
    Build: 2008
  • Huong Hai Junk

    (38 cabins)

    Huong Hai Junk

    For more than 10 years in serving and hosting international guests on the tranquil waters of the bay, we do set a well-known, leading and stable standard of the best quality service for Ha Long Bay Junks from mid-range to high-range customer. The first and biggest company to offer overnight cruises on the bay, Huong Hai Junks is now widely known as the number one choice for discerning travelers, operating a fleet of nine built wooden junks designed in time-honoured traditional style, with contemporary and deluxe cabins and facilities. As a result, nearly half of 1 million people have joined Huong Hai Junks on magical, enlightening journeys through Ha Long Bay. 

    $234 p/p$418 p/p
  • Bai Tu Long Junk

    (10 cabins)

    Bai Tu Long Junk

    A great way to see the spectacular of Halong Bay is on a slow cruise through the seemingly never-ending bay of islands. Lying in the sun, enjoying a selection of the freshest seafood, capturing photograph after photograph and taking a more intense look of one of the islands, "get off the beaten track” at a more leisurely pace. Finishing the day with an amazing night´s swim in the sparkling water. The Baitulong Junk takes part in boat watching, sunset and sunrise on board. Actually, being a part of the magic.

    $90 p/p$130 p/p
    Build: 2008
  • Oriental Sails Cruise

    (16 cabins)

    Oriental Sails Cruise

    Built in 2007 in ancient Vietnamese style, Oriental Sails features 16 deluxe cabins of traditional style combined with modern facilities and comfort. The junk boasts rattan & wooden furnishings, a multitude of windows for amazing views from the inside, and a panoramic sundeck allowing different activities with the beauty of Halong Bay as a backdrop.  

    $95 p/p$180 p/p
    Build: 2007
  • Phoenix Cruiser

    (16 cabins)

    Phoenix Cruiser

    Discover the splendors of Halong Bay aboard the Halong Phoenix Cruiser, a wooden junk that combines classic beauty with modern comfort. Designed with Asian traditional junk, luxurious and elegant. From the moment you step on board, you will . Our professional crew and experienced captains can take you to explore tranquil scenery in the safest conditions.

    $262 p/p$456 p/p
    Build: 2009
  • Paradise Privilege Cruise

    (3 cabins)

    Paradise Privilege Cruise

    Paradise Privilege is an invitation for you to cruise around Halong bay onboard your own private luxury apartment. Our Paradise Privilege boats have indeed been conceivred to become your home while exploring the majestic limestone site.


    Designed to accommodate 6 to 8 people per boat in two Deluxe Cabins and one Master Suite, they also feature a fully-equipped modern home kitchen, and a lavish and cosy dining-room.

    $248 p/p$409 p/p
    Build: 2011
  • Calypso Cruiser

    (16 cabins)

    Calypso Cruiser

    The myth of Calypso has been inspirited into the Calypso Cruiser. “Glamour” and “Grandeur” are best to characterize Calypso. The cruiser features 12 luxury cabins, all...

    $130 p/p$240 p/p
    Build: 2009
  • Red Dragon Junk

    (5 cabins)

    Red Dragon Junk

    Red Dragon Junk is one of the most luxurious traditional cruises in Halong Bay, the world heritage site.

    Based on the Ancient Halong Sail-Boat Style, the Red Dragon Junk is designed perfectly by wood, stone and bronze in harmony between tradition and luxury With a fully-equipped dinning room, a deluxe cabin with en-suite bathroom, sunbathing and relaxing area, a professional kitchen, a captain cabin and a separate Staff ‘area.

    $185 p/p$0 p/p
    Build: 2008

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